Breaking News: Tues 5th Feb, we achieved the Mental Health and Well-being Award!
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YEAR 6 – Tomorrow's World


The new projects run for the second half of the Spring term, Monday 25th February to Friday 29th March. Homework contributions can be made throughout the half term, please make sure your child brings in something that they have worked on at home.


Below are a list of ideas for each project, try one of these or something else project related.

  • Explain some common computing terms to a friend or family member who might not have heard of them: firewall, app, e-book, emoticon, phishing, wiki, blog and QWERTY.
  • Make a list of all the computerised and robotic devices in your home. Ask a relative or friend to do the same with their home and compare lists. Are there any differences? Present your findings using ICT.
  • Write a biography about a significant figure in the computing world. Check facts by cross-referencing different sources.
  • Make a digital presentation about the web and include guidance for online safety.
  • Design an internet ‘scavenger hunt’ for your parents or carers of 10 or more things to search for using a computer. Could they do it? Give them a mark out of 10!
  • Research and identify useful apps designed to help people improve their spelling or learn their times tables. Present your work as a list of hyperlinks.
  • Survey your friends, family and classmates to find out how much time they spend online, texting or watching TV each day. Present your findings in a chart.
  • Learn about different codes, such as the reverse alphabet or Morse code. Experiment by sending short messages to your friends or family members. Can they understand you?
  • Write a job advert to recruit a top spy. What skills and experience would they need?
  • Write a diary entry using only emoticons! Share your ideas with a friend. How well do the emoticons show what you did and how you felt?
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