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How we support parents/carers


What we do to support our parents

The team at Ash Grange believes in partnership and works to show this every day, here are a number of ways we can support you.  If you have a need just ask and we will try to meet it.



There are a number of workshops running each term to support parents to help and guide their children, ask at the office for more details or look at the Latest News section.



Parent Library

There is a parent library of books at the entrance to the Children's Centre. Book an item out with the office team.


Parent/Teacher Meetings

There are optional meetings each half term and two formal meetings each year.  Parents can book the formal meetings through the online system.  Any child who has an Individual Progress Plan (IPP) as they have additional needs, meets with the Classteacher at least termly to share progress and next steps.



We support parents through the many events in school life, from meetings about SATs, to induction into Ash Grange and on to Secondary School; see the Calendar and Newsletters for more details. Please ask if we can be of any assistance.



We regularly run courses in the School, in partnership with the Children's Centre, as well as through other providers.  Look out for adverts and flyers or pop in and ask the office team for more details.


School Counsellor

Parents may need additional support and we offer a School Counsellor to support individuals. Speak to Mrs Curtis or a member of the school team for further details. 



Visit the Useful Links page for some great resources, if you know of a great resource share the details and we'll post the link

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