Surrey County Council are proposing substantial changes that will affect your local Children’s Centres: Ash Grange and St Paul’s Surrey are proposing to radically reduce the services and support that you receive. Have your say on these proposals by going to the website by January 4th 2019: ***** Coming up from 17th December 2018 - Tues: KS1 Nativity 2.15pm - Wed: Ks1 Nativity 9.30am, EYFS Nativity 2.15pm, School Disco - Thurs Carols by Candlelight 9am. Last Day of Term......
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Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Goldilocks And The Three Bears 1 We made biscuits using bear shaped cutters.
Goldilocks And The Three Bears 2 We created big, small and tiny bears.
Goldilocks And The Three Bears 3 We pushed!
Goldilocks And The Three Bears 4 We cooked the bears and ate them at snack time.

Celebrating Harvest

Celebrating Harvest 1 We tasted yummy vegetable soup.
Celebrating Harvest 2 We buttered rolls to eat with our soup
Celebrating Harvest 3 We ate it all up!
Celebrating Harvest 4 We explored using paint and vegetables.
Celebrating Harvest 5 We painted vegetables.
Celebrating Harvest 6 We used paint and vegetables to make prints.
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