Surrey County Council are proposing substantial changes that will affect your local Children’s Centres: Ash Grange and St Paul’s Surrey are proposing to radically reduce the services and support that you receive. Have your say on these proposals by going to the website by January 4th 2019: ***** Coming up from 17th December 2018 - Tues: KS1 Nativity 2.15pm - Wed: Ks1 Nativity 9.30am, EYFS Nativity 2.15pm, School Disco - Thurs Carols by Candlelight 9am. Last Day of Term......
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Click the links below to view our key policies, or come into the office and order a copy. There is a charge for multiple copies.

You can download a copy of the Guidance on Infection Control in Schools and other Childcare Settings from the Public Health England website (external link).

This includes details of how long children should be kept away for various illness and infectious conditions.


Concerns and Complaints Policy

At Ash Grange Children’s Centre and Primary School we understand that you may sometimes have a concern. In the first instance please speak to your child’s Key Person in the Children’s Centre or the Classteacher in the school.  If the matter is not resolved please arrange a mutually convenient appointment with the Children’s Centre Leader or Headteacher.


The Children’s Centre telephone number is:            01252 350 225
The Primary School telephone number is:                01252 328 589

The email address is:

As a Surrey County Council School we follow their policy on Responding to Concerns and Complaints policy at:  See below for Surrey's Guidance for Parents

Complaint Form  (to be completed if unable to resolve issues, as described in Surrey's Guidance)

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