Surrey County Council are proposing substantial changes that will affect your local Children’s Centres: Ash Grange and St Paul’s Surrey are proposing to radically reduce the services and support that you receive. Have your say on these proposals by going to the website by January 4th 2019: ***** Coming up from 17th December 2018 - Tues: KS1 Nativity 2.15pm - Wed: Ks1 Nativity 9.30am, EYFS Nativity 2.15pm, School Disco - Thurs Carols by Candlelight 9am. Last Day of Term......
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Who's Who



Head/Child Protection Officer Mrs Curtis

Deputy Headteacher/Deputy Child Protection Officer


Mrs Rumsby

Preschool Team

Mrs Bell, Mrs Southall, Mr Rattan,  Mrs Burgess

Nursery Teacher

Mrs Mohammed, Mrs Rumsby, Mrs Sawyer

Nursery Assistants

Mrs Woolston, Miss Gregory

Reception Class Teacher / SENCo

Miss Bicknell (Mrs Synan covering)

Reception Class  LA

Mrs Pemberton, Mrs Newcombe

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Hopkins

Year 1 LA

Miss Beedie

Year 2 Teacher/ Key Stage 1 Leader

Miss Doyle

Year 2 Teacher Miss Gibbins

Year 2 LAs

Miss Schofield, Mrs Paine

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Edwards

Year 3 LA

Mrs Anderson, Mrs Cox

Year 4 Teacher

Mr Terry

Year 4  LA

Mrs Lock

Year 5 Teacher 

Miss Horton

Year 5 LA

Mrs Hebberd

Year 6 Teacher / Raising Standards Leader

Mrs Chantler

Year 6 Teacher / Key Stage 2 Leader Mrs Jones

Class support

Mrs Soane, Miss Orme

Funzone - Breakfast and Afterschool Club Team

Mrs Ward (Leader), Mrs Watts

Spanish Teacher

Mrs Smale

One to One SEN Support

Mrs Watts

Music Teacher

Mr Dancer

Lunchtime team

Mrs Ward, Miss Soane, Miss Brazil, Mrs Okonkwo, Miss Nurse, Mrs Wilson

Site Manager

Mr Curtis


Mrs Morris (Supervisor), Miss Perkunaite, Mrs Watkins, Miss Brazil

Admin Team

Mrs Cooper, Mrs Gray, Mrs Norman, Mrs Taylor (Home School Link Worker)

Business Manager/Data Protection Officer

Miss Melbourne Webb

School Counsellors



Mrs Jardine, Mrs Savill




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