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Aims, Values, Vision and Plans

Our ethos and vision is that the children, in all that they do, will embody these qualities:

"We Care, We Learn, We Shine”



We Care about every child and foster this caring attitude in all that we do, Personal, Social, Health and Emotional Development underpins every aspect of school life and the opportunities that the children experience.  We teach children to care about themselves, others in school and those in the wider world.


We Learn

Through a creative curriculum (Cornerstones) the children learn about the world and their place in it, with opportunities to develop passions and interests. 

We provide opportunities for every child to achieve their potential, ensuring all have embedded the key life skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening and maths; when they leave primary school.

Based on the Early Learning Goals and National Curriculum for Primary Schools learning is enriched through special events, visits and visitors, utilising the vast premises and local areas.

We believe passionately in educating the “whole child”, broadening children’s interests and developing skills so that they can excel, love learning and make ambitious choices for their lifelong learning future.


We Shine 

We want children to shine, every child is unique and we nurture this to allow them to shine and enjoy each day of school so that they live rich and full lives.

We recognize and celebrate when children have made personal, class and school achievements.

We expect children to take on responsibilities in their classroom and throughout the school. 

We are proud to support events and organisations in our community and the world.


Our values which underpin the teaching and learning experiences that all children have are:

  1. Enriched learning experiences that will broaden children’s knowledge and understanding of the world.
  2. The development of effective communications and language skills so that children can be confident and powerful communicators.
  3. The development of physical, mental and emotional health.


School Development Plan (SDP) 2019-20


Every year we strive to improve the provision of Ash Grange to have the greatest impact we can on the pupils, parents, staff and community. Each year the school stakeholders review progress and attainment to identify actions to improve the provision for all children, our current targets are:


  1. To expand the teaching and learning repertoire to equip children with a wider range of methods from which to select the most efficient.

  2. To expand the spoken and written vocabulary of all children to increase the effectiveness of communication.
  3. To enhance children's resilience and independent self- management.
  4. To develop a whole school coaching culture.
  5. Department targets:

    5A.  To embed i-connect system across whole of EYFS to increase parental information sharing and engagement.

    5B. Develop sustainable community links to enrich learning experiences that will broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world.

    5C. Expanding SEN teaching and learning repertoire to increase speech and language acquisition and rate of progress.


6. Awards.

These are the ones that we have achieved so far:

1. Mental Health National Award (2019-2022)   

2. Rights, Respecting in Schools Award (Unicef) - Bronze (2019)

3. Anti-Bullying Charter Award - Gold (2018-19)  

4. Surrey Healthy Schools - Gold - (2017-2020)

5. Guildford in Bloom - Gold (2018-19)

6. Green Flag - Silver (2018-2019)   

7. Sports Games Mark - Bronze (2019)

8. LAMDA Performing Arts School - ongoing    

9. Prince William Award - 2018-19, sadly the award has ceased from August 2019


In 2019-20 we would like to continue maintaining our gold awards and the LAMDHA award and work to achieve:

1. Eco Green Flag - Gold

2. Rights, Respecting in Schools Award (Unicef) - Silver

3. SEN Award

4. Young Carer Angel Award

5. Sports Games Mark - Silver



Governors monitor all aspects of the SDP as part of meetings, and on-going monitoring throughout the year.

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