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Attendance and Absence Procedures

At Ash Grange Primary School, we value each day of learning, every day is special and important.   Permission for absence (authorised absence) during the school day is only granted in exceptional circumstances.  Leave for holiday is not permitted and you may be subject to a fine.  Appointments should be made outside of the school day.

School Attendance is a priority for our school and we are constantly monitoring pupil attendance. We want to work together with parents/carers to help ensure excellent attendance and punctuality for all pupils from an early age.

Attendance every day is important to make the most of the teaching and learning opportunities that the school provides. School starts at 8.45am, if your child is ill please inform the school by 9.15am, either by phone, in person or using our Absence Form.


If your child has to leave school early for an important reason, please inform the class teacher and fill in an absence request form in advance and collect your child from the school office. No child can leave the school premises during school hours unless accompanied by a parent or an authorised adult.


The beginnings and end of terms are very important to enable a child to prepare for changes and be fully involved. Any absence must be applied for in writing (forms available from the school office) or online beforehand. It is then passed to the Headteacher for consideration and a response is given, through pupil post, within 48 hours. Leave will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, parents do not have an automatic right to absence. Where possible please make medical appointments outside of school hours, where this is not possible bring the appointment card or letter along to the office with the absence request form. The attendance policy details all practice and penalties. Please consult the school term dates before planning your family holidays.


Any parent taking their child out of school without authorisation may be subject to a local authority penalty fine. See the attendance policy for further details. Any difficulties with attendance should be discussed as soon as possible with the Headteacher, or the County Educational Welfare Officer. 


We have attendance incentives to encourage 100% attendance. Each month children with 100% are presented with a coloured band. There are eleven different bands in total to collect.


Whole School Attendance 94.1%
Academic Year 2017-2018

The Government recommend that a minimum level of attendance is 96% and anything below is likely to impact on a child’s academic attainment. 


Above 97%

Less than 6 days absent a year.

Pupils with this attendance achieve the best possible grades they can, leading to the best start in their secondary education.


Above 95%

Less than 10 days absence in a year.

Pupils with this attendance are likely to achieve their target grades and will be prepared for starting secondary school .



19 days absence over a year.

Pupils with this attendance are missing a month of school per year and may fall behind in Maths and Literacy; it will be difficult for them to achieve their best.



29 days absence in a year.

These pupils are missing 6 weeks of school a year. It will be very difficult for them to keep up and achieve their best.



Pupils with this attendance are missing a day for every week of school. It will be almost impossible to keep up with work.

Parents of pupils with this level of attendance could be issued with a Penalty Notice

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