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Caring and Protecting our world

We are so passionate at Ash Grange to educate all members of the school community about environmental understanding and actions to make the world a better place.   Every child learns about the local, national and world environment through the national curriculum and half termly projects. In addition to this  and there are opportunities to deepen and apply this knowledge throughout each day, regular routine activities and special events. We have a an Eco Council who are working towards the Eco School status with lots of wonderful plans for everyone to get involved with.  Follow the links to find out more.  


This is our pledge 



Spring Term 2022


This half term, our eco councillors have been exploring wildlife in our nature area. We are pleased to report that our school is full of life, which shows a healthy environment. 

We have also looked at transports and how we come to school each day. Tally charts were completed and we will share results soon.

Miss Beedie and Miss Postel attended the Eco Summit in Woking on the 23rd March and were offered three oak trees for our school grounds. We will plant and dedicate them to the Queen’s Jubilee.

Next term, we will look at nature closely with plants and wildlife coming back to us after the long winter. Research has shown that spending time in nature has positive long-term effects on our wellbeing and happiness. This is why this will be our target next term, and we will share in class five things we noticed in nature each week.

Please share your thoughts about Eco and how it has impacted on your child.

Thank you,


The Eco Committee 

Our School Eco Targets

Eco School Award

The school has achieved Bronze and Silver awards and is now working towards Gold level with the targets above.




Surrey Plastic Challenge 2019
Ash Grange has won the Surrey Plastic Challenge 2019 in recognition of all we have done to educate and change our habits to make the world better. The children and staff were interviewed to share our ideas with others and launch a international Epic Plastic Challenge at the UN! Watch our video.

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