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Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Catchup Premium Funding strategy statement for 2020-21

Ash Grange Lockdown January 2021 Provision

Provision in the event of self-isolation/class isolation

Resources for Children

Dear Parent/Carers below are links to great resources to help children to understand Coronavirus, what it is and isn't.  If you find any other ones, please let us know so we can share with our school community:


Free picture book from Oxford Press


Book for children who can read more from IASC


Video explaining about what Coronavirus is


The link to the Children's Commission page with loads of resources


The NSPCC have a dedicated page for helping children who may be worried

Action Plan overview of the actions we will take at Ash Grange in the event of symptoms or positive results of a Covid test

Please read the weekly updates in our news section for the latest updates.
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