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Year 6 Homework – Gallery Rebels


The new projects run for the second half of the Autumn term. Homework contributions can be made throughout the half term, please make sure your child brings in something that they have worked on at home. 


Below are a list of ideas for each project, try one of these or something else project related.


  • Make a sketch book to use at home, using as many different types of paper as you can find.
  • Visit a local gallery to see what exhibitions are showing, take your sketch book and make notes about the things you see.
  • Find out about other artists from the past by searching for examples in art books loaned from the local library.
  • Practise drawing from observation. Choose a range of interesting objects to depict drawing pattern, shape and form.
  • Make a collection of natural objects mixing their subtle colours and details in a natural collage. Use a magnifying glass to help you look at the smaller areas of colour and pattern. Items might include flowers, leaves, stones and pebbles, shells and tree bark.
  • Collect any old tester paint pots and make a large-scale abstract painting on the back of a roll of old wallpaper! Hint: Don’t do this straight.
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