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Year 4 Homework – Misty Mountain Sierra


The new projects run for the first half of the Spring term. Homework contributions can be made throughout the half term, please make sure your child brings in something that they have worked on at home. 


Below are a list of ideas for each project, try one of these or something else project related.

  • Find out about animals that inhabit a mountainous area of the world. How do they adapt and survive? Are any of these animals endangered? Why?
  • Write an information book explaining how different types of mountains are formed. Include labelled diagrams showing each type. You could look at fold, block, dome, volcanic or plateau mountains and give examples of each mountain type.
  • We’ve talked about the Yeti… Now research other mysterious primates that have inspired people to search for them, such as Bigfoot in the USA or the Yeren of China. Make ‘Wanted’ posters, featuring an illustration of what you think they may look like.
  • Create fact-files about famous mountaineers such as George Mallory, Sir Edmund Hilary or Reinhold Messner.
  • Research mountain sports such as skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing or mountain biking. Choose one that excites you and create a scrapbook of information and images. Feature the equipment or clothing needed and the world’s best competitors in the sport.
  • Write a ‘True or False?’ quiz which includes amazing statements about mountains of the world.
  • Write a ‘water cycle’ song or a rap! Make sure you fit in the key words, like condensation, precipitation and evaporation.
  • Write a diary entry for a child living in a mountainous region of the world. What happens in their daily life? How would their day differ from your own?


Project homework is due in by Friday 7th February or before.

At the end of the project homework period your child will receive either a bronze, silver or gold project homework badge.


Bronze = a basic piece of project homework was completed

Silver = a good piece of project homework which has clearly taken lots of time to complete

Gold = an excellent piece of project homework which has clearly taken lots of thought, time and effort to complete
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