Wednesday 4th September is an Inset (teacher training) Day. School opens to pupils on Thursday 5th September
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Family Support

At Ash Grange we support every child’s emotional health and well-being so they are ready to learn and thrive. 

As well as promoting positive mental health and well-being for pupils, we support the wider family too. Our new Working Together display board located in the main entrance offers local support, information, and guidance for parents/carers on a variety of different subjects. In addition we have an folder of information guides about local and national organisations. 

Complete a “Your Views Card” in person or online or pop in to share. Your views are important to us and if there is something you like or we can improve we’d love to hear from you.


Each month we will focus on a National or local well-being event which will be displayed on the board. The focus for February is National Heart and Mental Health month. Throughout the month there will be information and leaflets for you to find out more.

February - National Heart and Mental Health

British Heart Foundation Healthy Living

Time to Talk-Time To Change


March - World Sleep Day Promoting issues related to sleep

Sleep Health Fact Sheet

Healthy Sleep Tips For Children

The Good Night Guide


April - Stress Awareness

How to manage and reduce stress

Active 10 Walking Tracker App 


May - Mental Health Awareness 

Mental Health Foundation


June - Healthy Eating

8 Tips for healthy eating

British Nutrition Foundation


July - Health Information 

Facts about keeping healthy

Staying healthy - Childline 



5 Simple things you can do to improve your mental health and well-being

5 Simple things you can do to improve your mental health and well-being 1
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