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Step 1

Children learn to form the single letter in the correct order and in a consistent size.


Step 2

Children learn to add the lead in and out of the letter

Step 3

Children join pairs of letters


Step 4

Children write more and more letters together until the can write in a joined fluid script.


Children move through the stages at their own pace, but by Year 3 it is out intention that all children are able to write in joined script (the youngest awarded engraved ink pen was to Jacob when he was only in Year 1!).



a) Children write in pencil, modified to their need e.g. chunky pencils with grips.

b) When the children achieve their Pen Licence:

Children write in a school pen, modified to their need e.g. different types to allow child to write well. Left handed pens are provided as standard.

c) When children present their work well, in fluent script, they are awarded an engraved fountain pen, in the design of their choice.  If they earn 10 green presentation points they have the right to use the term's special ink colour.  Children must keep up this high standard of green presentation points or they will return to blue ink after 3 orange presentation points and have to earn 10 new green ones all over again.


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