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Lettings Policy - Appendix 1

Terms and Conditions for Hire


Applications for Hire

Hirers must complete Form ED110.  A hire form will then be issues which must be signed to confirm that they have read and agreed these Terms and Conditions.  A letting will only be confirmed on receipt of the completed Hire and User Agreement form and a copy of proof of relevant public liability insurance.


Payment and hire periods

A deposit may be requested for certain lettings.


Payment of the appropriate charges will be made on demand and must be paid prior to event, unless agreed otherwise by Headteacher.


Payment for regular lettings shall be paid a month in advance.  No refunds will be given if the hirer is unable to fulfil his/her part of the lettings agreement.


The School Governors reserve the right to charge an additional amount for use of school equipment or for heating or lighting overheads.  In particular an additional room rate charge may be applied for use of school cloakroom facilities


Public Liability Insurance

All users must be covered by insurance and must provide a copy of said insurance.  If the hirer’s Public Liability Insurance cover is less than £5million/does not have insurance, the school will charge an additional 15% for the entire letting costs (minimum charge £5).


Risk Assessment

All potential hirers will be required to provide a risk assessment for their activity which should include first aid arrangements.



There will be at least two weeks written notice for any cancellation of a booking made by the hirer to the Business Manager, Ash Grange Primary School.


Any deposit paid may be refunded at the discretion of the Governors.



The school is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects hirers and their representatives to share this commitment.  The Governors require that for all hirings involving groups working children, an appropriate level of disclosure has been obtained from the DBS for the individuals working on the school premises.  Where a DBS/CRB disclosure includes convictions, or other relevant information, the hirer is required to undertaken an assessment of risk to determine whether that individual is suitable to work with children and young people.


Property Hired

Hirers will have access only to the particular parts of the School premises let to them, including where it is practical the use of a cloakroom and toilet accommodation.  In no circumstances is access permitted to any other part of the premise, including particularly accommodation set aside for use of staff or unauthorised use made of any outside play areas.


A Hirer must not sub-let to another party.


Seating accommodation in the room booked may be used, but the hirer must make their own arrangements for any additional chairs, tables etc required for the letting, and removing them before the school reopens the following day.  Any movement of furniture required must be undertaken by the hirer under the direction of the Site Manager and all furniture, including chairs, must be used in accordance with appropriate Health & Safety requirements.


Use of the changing rooms must ensure that the rooms are left in clean and tidy state, with clothes boxes in racks, rubbish in bins and own lost property taken away, ready for next day use.


Site Manager

If required to be in attendance, the Site Manager will give reasonable assistance, within the terms of their employment.  If the hirer provides additional personnel to prepare for a letting, these personnel shall be subject to the direction and control of the Site Manager.


The Site Manager shall be responsible for opening and closing the School premises and grounds for each hire period unless either a member of the School staff or a Governor of the School agrees to carry out these duties.


Care of School Premises

The premises will be left clean and in good order and vacated not later than the time booked.  The hirer shall reimburse any costs incurred by the School Governors in cleaning the premises after the hiring necessary to ensure the premises are sufficiently clean for normal use of the School.


The hirer shall pay to the School the cost of repair or replacement resulting from any loss or damage arising from the hiring however caused or of whatever nature to the School premises and all the equipment or property thereon (whether provided by the Council or any other body or person). 


No preparations are to be applied to the floor.



No intoxicating liquor will be brought on to or consumed on the premises except at a function organised by a body or bodies which the School Governors shall have approved.  Where a licence for the sale of intoxicating liquor is necessary for a function the responsibility for obtaining such a licence is solely the hirers.


In the case of lettings for music, singing, dancing or stage plays, the entertainment must be for a closed organisation such as a society or club or by invitation only.


NOTE TO HIRERS: All other entertainments are classified as public entertainments, in which case there exists a statutory requirement that the school must be properly licensed.  However, most school premises do not conform to the regulations governing the issue of licences for public entertainments so that they cannot normally be used for this purpose.  Any proposal to use a school for public entertainment must be discussed carefully with the local District or Borough Council.


There must be no infringement of copyright and in the case of musical entertainment the requirements of the Performing Right Society must be fulfilled.


Before approving any letting for the exhibition of pictures involving the use of films or television, enquiries should be made to the appropriate District Council as to whether the exhibition is exempted form, or requires, a licence under the provision of the Cinemas Act 1985 or any statutory modification thereof.



In accordance with Surrey County Council’s policy, there is no smoking on the School premises, including the playgrounds, field and carpark.  This includes electronic cigarettes.


Car parking

The School expects all hirers to ensure that all users of the premises are considerate to the School’s neighbours in parking on and around the school premises.


The School accepts no responsibility for loss of property, damage to cares or injury incurred by the use of the School Car Park for the purpose of lettings.


Disputes and revocation

Any dispute on the use of School Facilities or equipment out of normal hours shall be settled by the School Governors.


The School Governors reserve the right to revoke without notice any contract for the hire of School.


The School Governors, or any employee of the County Council so authorised, are empowered to withdraw, without notice, permission to use school playing fields when such playing fields are unfit for use.


Additional Conditions of Usage

The Governing Body will not accept responsibility for any loss of or damage to any property owned by any person using the premises during the period of the letting.  Property shall be brought on to the premises at the sole risk of the owner.


The hirer must make sure that all users are aware that they are solely responsible for the security of their personal property, and should put up a sign to this effect.  If tickets are issued for any event, this statement should also be printed on the ticket.


The hirer is responsible for informing the Governing Body of any person sustaining injury or loss on the school premises during the period of the let. This information must be presented in writing to the Governing Body within 24 hours of the event.  Any further information required by the Governing Body must be made available on request.


No person under the age of 16 years is permitted on the premises without adequate adult care and supervision.


At all times the pool is used, the hirer should ensure that there shall be at least one responsible person qualified in life-saving and administering appropriate first aid.


No additional staging, curtaining or scenery may be erected without the previous consent in writing of the Governing Body and any such alterations and additions as may be authorised shall be carried out in accordance with the direction and to the satisfaction of the Council and shall be returned to their original state immediately after usage, at the expense of the hirer.


Where any use involves the erection and/or dismantling of a stage, this will be carried out by the hirer at his/her expense under the supervision of a representative of the Governing Body.


All such curtaining or scenery shall be rendered non-inflammable.  Stage scenery and other effects must neither be brought on to the school premises nor taken away while the school is in session except with the express permission of the Governing Body and Head Teacher.


Furniture, including chairs, must not be removed from the school premises nor for use on either the playing field or playground or in any other building outside the school unless prior permission has been applied for and granted by the Governing Body.


No advertising may be placed in any area of the school premises without the direct permission of the Head Teacher.


The authorised hirer is responsible for those attending the function and in particular for leaving the site in a quiet and orderly fashion by the time stated in the booking agreement.


Where car parking is required, the hirer must undertake the proper stewarding and control of the parking area in collaboration with the police where necessary.  The hirer must maintain safe entry and exit from the premises and provide and maintain clear access for emergency vehicles and service vehicles.  Vehicles should not be parked in areas normally used by pedestrians only (i.e. playground areas).


Adults preparing food are permitted access to the kitchen under agreement with the school.  Kitchen regulations must be adhered to at all times.  It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the kitchen certificate is signed at the beginning and the end of the let.


Bookings procedures

  1. Applicants should fill in an application form (Form ED100) and return to the main school office.
  2. The person signing the Hire & User Agreement Form (then known as “the Hirer”) is responsible for all aspects of the let.
  3. By signing the Hire & User Agreement Form, the person signing is acknowledging and agreeing to adhere to all aspects and conditions for our school’s lettings policy.
  4. A signed application does not guarantee the booking will be granted.
  5. Where the application for a let is accepted, the applicant will be sent a letter provisionally confirming the let and an invoice to cover the cost of the let and any additional returnable deposit required.
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