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Autumn Term 2021

Welcome to the new school year, I hope everyone enjoyed a break from routines and a chance to stop at some point.  I can’t wait to see all the children’s smiling faces and see how much they have grown over the summer. We’ve had a busy summer, decorating and improving; we have a new school door; the office, Year 5 and 6 have been recarpeted and the pool has a clean up.


Our focus for the year ahead is written in the SDP, these are areas that we want to improve further or develop, I will share more about these over the coming year:


1. All children will skillfully and confidently select the test technique to use for reading comprehension.

2. All children will read efficiently and effectively (speed and accuracy) for their age and stage of development.

3. To implement the chosen Phonics system (Government review 2021) for the whole school to raise standards in reading and writing.

4. All children will make maximum progress as they use all the components and stages in the writing process, to produce language rich, well-developed writing.


1. All children will make maximum progress as they use and apply mental maths knowledge and skills.


1. Needs are accurately audited to ensure target support is SMART

2. Interventions and resources are applied to bring about rapid progress

Early Year Foundation Stage

1. Implement the new EYFS curriculum

2.To utilise learning space to maximum effect to rapidly impact progress


Attendance is in line or above national average; persistent absence/lateness is reducing month on month

AWARDS - Current targeted awards for 2021-22

1. Eco Green Flag - Gold

2. Rights, Respecting in Schools Award (Unicef) - Silver


School begins for Year 1-6 pupils on Thursday 2nd September at 8.45am.  

Our Nursery and Reception children have their inductions over the first few days of term and we look forward to welcoming them to our wonderful setting.


We welcome our new staff formally – Mr Barnett (Teacher of PE), Miss Hunt (Year 1), Miss Syeda (Year 4) and Ms Gould (Year 5G) and we welcome Miss Thomas’ baby girl born last week, named Willow – mum and baby doing well. If you need to contact a staff member, here is the link to the Staff Page which details their roles


Covid Measures

There have been a number of changes over the summer with restrictions lifting and we have been issued new guidance.  For many returning to school is a worrying time in relation to Covid but together we will do all we can reasonably do to reduce risks to protect the safety of every child and adult.




  1. Requirement for bubbles has gone, we will be keeping to class groups for breaks/lunch and lessons – only coming together for assemblies.
  2. Masks are not required on site outside but please respect those who choose to wear one.
  3. Children and parents will still line up when coming into school in the morning, as this system works so well for drop off and collections
  4. Anyone coming into the office area will be required to wear a mask as you and staff will be in contact with people you don’t normally meet (as set out in the guidance)
  5. PE kit will be worn to school on PE days to reduce multiple use of spaces and lost property.
  6. We will continue to practice hygiene, cleaning and ventilation throughout the school.


In the event of a positive PCR confirmed case in a class or family

  1. As is strongly recommended by the guidance all those in the class/family who have been in close contact should undertake a PCR test and remain at home until that result is confirmed. 
  2. In the event of a class case online lessons will be provided for 2 days with supporting learning pack whilst awaiting results.
  3. If a negative PCR test is achieved, then children can return and face to face lessons will return.
  4. We would be liaising with Public Health agencies to be guided to further measures as required.


With so much information on the website we are bringing in a change with newsletters this year, we will be sending 3 per half term, one at the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end; this is the first one. If there are any urgent updates we will of course communicate these to you separately. Please ensure the school office is updated of any change of email or telephone numbers so you can be kept up to date.


Term dates for 2021-2022

These can be found on our website at  

School events on the website

Mrs Cooper has been a busy bee and managed to get the whole of next year’s calendar on the website, so everything you need to know about events is available now.


Class assemblies and performances are all listed in the calendar and parents of the class will be welcome to attend once these begin.



We will be exploring how we can run these this term and will announce the plans by the end of September.


PE and Swimming information for your child(ren) can be found their class page of our website at . Swimming hats are available to purchase online through scopay. Swimming and PE lessons will start from Monday 6th September.



PE Day

Children come to school dressed in PE kit

Swimming Day

Children need their costume/trunks, swimming hat, pool shoes and towel.




Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Year 4



Year 5C



Year 5G



Year 6





From September 2021 the cost of a school dinner will be £2.45 in line with other Surrey Schools.

Remember to order your child’s meals two weeks in advance through  The deadline to order dinners for the first week of September was 22nd August. Please provide a packed lunch for your child if you have not ordered a meal through scopay.

The menu can be viewed on our website at


Year 6

Only children of Year 6 may come to and home from school unsupervised if parents/carers judge them ready to do so; please let the admin team know if you are giving your child permission to travel alone. They do remain under parental responsibility until in the school building, there are no staff on duty to supervise your child. 

Mobile phones are not permitted in school and can only be dropped off at the office for safe keeping if your child takes a public transport/considerable distance journey.



After many years of Chairing and Vice Chairing – Ms Hallewell and Mr Jackson are passing the batton to others.  We thank them so much for their years of leadership, commitment and dedication to these roles, they remain on the Governing Body.  So this school year there is a change of Chair and Vice Chair, Dr Lynsey Mutton is Chair and Mrs Sandra Jones is Vice-Chair.  Remember we hold open meetings so if you would like to observe a meeting please contact the Clerk Mrs Orla Engleman


Kindest regards,

Mrs Curtis


Next Newsletter:  Friday 24th September

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