W/C 27.6.2022 - - - LAST WEEK OF CLUBS - - - Monday: Community Stay and Play - - - Friday: School Council Charity Day, Y3 Assembly, Community Stay and Play
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Beginning of Spring Term Newsletter

Happy 2022 to everyone.


Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you had a lovely family time. For all those families suffering with Covid restrictions and illness, I am so sorry that you had this to bear as well.


We have returned generally well, there are a number of families who are suffering with Covid but the numbers are low across the school families and thankfully we have had no school outbreaks. We will continue as normal, working together to keep everyone safe.


As of Monday 11th January, there are changes with identifying Covid cases. 

1.  If you or a family member has symptoms then do a lateral flow test, if that is negative, because they have symptoms they need to do/book a PCR test to be sure they do not have Covid.

2.  If they do a lateral flow and it is positive they do not need to do a PCR as well, they start self-isolating immediately. 

3. Self-isolation is for 10 days but can be shortened to 7 if on day 6 and day 7 the lateral flow test is negative. 

4. If any member of your household has a positive lateral flow or PCR, your child who attends nursery or school must also be tested to ensure they are not carrying Covid.  If their test comes back negative, they can attend nursery/school but please continue to do daily lateral flow tests for 7 days to ensure any change is identified as soon as possible.


New Projects

All the classes have launched their new projects with all the homework links.  Here’s the link to the class page section for you to find out more:


NSPCC Speak Out

As you know through assemblies, PSHE lessons and special events children are taught how to keep safe and speak out when something or someone makes them feel unsafe.


Each year the children learn through the NSPCC campaigns what is harm and how to get help for self and others, this is then followed up with lessons and in other terms of the year this is shared through School Councillor and Whole School assemblies.


We are holding this year’s Key Stage 1 and 2 assemblies on Monday 17th January 2022.  There is a letter attached to explain more about this.


School Council

The council members met today and their focus this half term is supporting Charity work and choosing the new playground markings.  I am so looking forward to finding our which charity each class will choose – how wonderful our children are that they want to help others.


Eco Council

The Eco Council will be launching our little eco shop this term. We have joined with the company Faith in Nature who provide our soap and shampoos across the school to benefit our families. The children will be showing you how you can save money and waste through using our refill station – look out for information in the coming weeks.



The children have chosen the club offers for this term and they have been sent out for you to complete with your child.  This is the Monday whole school club offer.


In addition there are lunchtime knitting and book clubs, and before and afterschool elite clubs in Tag Rugby and Basketball; which had try outs before Christmas.


Further details can be found at


All spring clubs start week commencing 17th January 2022 and finish week commencing 21st March 2022.



You may have noticed some major tree pruning going on this week, we are preparing the way for our new perimeter fence which will begin our two new gate installations. We are changing the gate from the alley to be automatic and adding an automatic gate to the far end of the field. 

It will take most of the term to get this sorted.


Parent Council Meeting

The first one of the term is 9.30-10.30am on Tuesday 11th January, this will be an online meeting to reduce mixing households; a link will be sent out on Monday.

Please pass on to your Parent Council member ideas for improving or developing Ash Grange.

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