Tuesday 28th - Year 2 SAT's Talk's 2.30pm and 6pm. Friday 31st- Disco's Children can wear own clothes. Clothing must be safe for learning and playing, no extra jewellery, makeup or nail polish.
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Christmas Uniform

From Monday 5th December, children can wear Christmas socks, tights and hair accessories (not deely boppers).  Nothing else in the classroom.


Next Thursday (8th December) we have Christmas Jumper Day for the Save the Children charity. If you want your child to take part, they can wear a  Christmas Jumper instead of their school jumper and pay £2 through Scopay for the charity.


Our Special Week of Christmas starts on Monday 12th December. This week children can swap out items of uniform for Christmas themed items, e.g. t-shirt, jumper, dress, trousers, etc... and of course all the items from the previous week.


Parent Request for class list of names for Christmas card sharing.

Due to recent changes in GDPR rules we cannot share lists of pupil names. Children pass any cards directly to one another.

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