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Community Opportunities

1) A couple of our parents have offered to lead on the children's Secret Santa this year; they will need some support. This is not a fundraiser but a special opportunity for the children to buy you a treat for £2. We will be sharing more about this after half term.  But to get ready we were wondering if we could use this as a way to support our own community businesses.  Do you make things, could you make a something special for £2, if so come and share with me and we'll add it to the choices the children can make for their secret presents.  One of our mums is making lovely key ring dangles, what other skills are hiding amongst you parents/carers? 

2) You may have noticed a new banner at the front of the school for the HomeStart organisation, this is a charity that support parents with children up to 6 year old at home. As you know being a parent is sometimes hard and there are times when having someone else coming into the home, chatting to you, being a support, can make all the difference.  If you would like this support click this link to make a referral (or pop in and I will help you complete it) or if you would like to become a volunteer click here, they provide training and all you need is relevant experience, like being a parent.

2) Community Wellbeing are holding a fun day on 27th October at Lakeside, a chance to get outdoors and enjoy nature .

3) The NHS are launching a Start for Life campaign to share ways to help your child - there are some wonderful activities to do together.

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