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Eco Council Minutes - 7th May 2019

Ash Grange Eco Pledge:

To educate children, staff, parents and our community to understand that, every individual has the power and responsibility to make the world better for everyone and everything in it.



Agree Aims from Environmental Review: 

  1. Decrease waste
  2. Increase biodiversity
  3. Decrease energy usage                                                                                                                                                                   


Review Aim 1 changes


  • We had 60 bags of weekly landfill waste – now we only have 5.
  • We had no idea what was going in to bins – now we have clear bins so that we can check.
  • We have changed to soap in all bathrooms to reduce plastic waste.
  • We now recycle pens and glue sticks.
  • We collect carrier bags so that other people can re-use them.
  • We used to have lots of bins on the playground – now we only have 1.
  • We used to have small milk containers with plastic straws – now we have 4 pint containers which can be recycled. It also means that we are wasting less milk.
  • We have stopped any single use plastic in the lunch hall – they now use reusable bowls for desserts.
  • We have replaced un-recyclable ink cartridges with converters and bottles of ink which can be recycled.


Next Actions for Aim 1


  • We need to get better at sorting our rubbish – things are still ending up in the wrong place.
  • We need to look at ways of reducing laminating across the school as it makes the paper un-recyclable. We are going to look at ordering different cards for printing and organise a laminating free month.


Review Aim 2 changes


  • We have moved the nature area so that it is nearer the school and have also introduced more plants.
  • We have developed the pond in the new nature area and introduced more plants to keep the pond healthy.
  • We have planted an orchard.
  • Year 5 made frog houses and bird feeders to encourage more wildlife in the nature area.
  • We have introduced bird feeding stations in the orchard.
  • We have built bug hotels in the nature area.
  • We have relocated our special bird house which has a camera inside.
  • We are growing lettuces in the guttering on the KS2 balcony.


Next Actions for Aim 2


  • We would like to plant more plants/ flowers to encourage bees to visit our school.
  • We would like to introduce more plants in to the classrooms to improve the air quality.
  • Y1 are campaigning to be allowed a class pet.


Review Aim 3 changes


  • We have replaced the electric hand dryers with recyclable paper towels.
  • We have installed new windows to reduce energy wastage through loss of heating.




Next Actions for Aim 3


  • We would like to introduce a ticketing system for each classroom (IWB left on, lights left on, computers left on, windows left open with heaters on)
  • We would like to present eco-council awards at the end of the year.




  • We would like to hold an assembly to introduce the eco-council and invite parents to keep them informed.
  • We are going to update the website. We might record a video to show off everything we do at Ash Grange towards our 3 targets.


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