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Homework Update Summer 2022

As you know last half term we trialled having separate weeks for different subjects, to see if this would improve the quality and quantity of homework.  We also sought parent views through the questionnaire and Parent Council.  The homework did not improve and many children and parents reported a dislike of the new system; therefore we return to the previous system with an alternative for spellings in light of the reliability of Readiwriter.



Reading Eggs or

Reading Express

Maths Seeds or Mathletics

Reading Books

Phonics or Spellings

Times Table Rock Stars


1 Assignment

1-2 Assignments

School books provided for taking home to read

Weekly sounds or words practised at home through activities in a separate book, provided by school.

Y1 – 6 weekly challenges

Extra homework

For any child who has not completed work at school or who needs additional practice they will be given additional homework to complete. Year 6 also receive additional homework in the run up to SATs .

Half termly

Project homework 2 weeks before the end of half term (no other homework set on this week)


Thank you to all the parents who supervise their children each week to complete their homework, making time and space.  It is a wonderful chance to be with your child and to find out what they are learning at school.  We do not want homework to be a burden, it is part of the development of children’s independent learning skills.  We provide homework over weekends and the week so that time can be made around your family commitments and schedules and have minimal expectations each week.


Our expectations are that the children will complete the following amount per week:



Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

30 mins

35 mins

40 mins

45 mins

50 mins

55 mins

1 hour


It is every parent/carers responsibility to do this each week and it is not acceptable for some parents/carers to not support their child to complete homework, leaving it to staff to supervise and for your child to miss playtimes to complete it.  

There will be a homework club offered on a Monday for children to choose to attend.  For children who want to do a different club on a Monday they must complete their homework or will have to attend the homework club instead of their chosen club.

Children who do not attend clubs will complete homework in their breaktimes instead.


Funzone is not a homework club and staff ratios do not allow for staff to support children 1:1 with for example reading but there are always resources and space made available for any child who wishes to do homework their independently.


Please ensure your child has a bag each day for taking and bringing books and homework.  There is a sheet inside the homework book so homework completion can be tracked.


Homework is given out on Friday and must be completed by Thursday the following week, when the homework book or any activities completed must be bought into school.


Thank you for your support and partnership. Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you have any questions or need clarification about homework.

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