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We have been monitoring the lunchbox contents over the last 2 weeks, many families provide a good balanced lunchbox, thank you.  But we have seen a lot of children with multiple sugary elements in their lunch box, children are not allowed to have multiple sweet parts in their lunchboxes.  This is about being healthy and also fair, children with school dinners are only allowed 1 sweet part, the same for packed lunch children.


If your child comes to school with more than one sweet part to their lunchbox they will be asked to select their choice for the day and the rest will come back home uneaten.


 Here are the guidelines for lunchboxes as published on our website:


Packed lunch

Provision is made for children who bring packed lunches to school.

A packed lunch needs to be:

  • A balanced healthy meal -

Part 1 - Meal e.g. sandwiches, wraps, rice based, pasta based 

Part 2 - Sweet part - fruit, yogurt, cake, cereal bar, etc..

Additional items - fruit and veg

Drink - not sugar based or carbonated

  •  Crisps not required
  • No chocolate bars, packets of biscuits or sweets
  • No nut products are allowed to keep safe those with a nut allergy.


Children staying for packed lunch should have a labelled container for their balanced meal and drink. Uneaten food is returned home so parents can monitor what is being eaten.   


For those parents who wish to take their child home for lunch, collection is at 12 noon and return to school at 12.55pm, so that the child is in time for afternoon lessons.

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