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Parent Council and PTA Election Minutes 18/9/18

1. PTA Elections

Thanks were expressed to the team for all their hard work over the last year. 

The committee from 2017-18 offered to stand for the 2018-19 year and were all unanimously supported so the committee is:

Chair - Sarah Maude

Secretary – Clair Waterman

Treasurer – Louise Hobbs

The committee shared the year planner and use of money raised.  The children have asked for versatile play equipment and so there is £5000 to be spent on this.  Mrs Curtis will take this to the Children’s Council for them to explore choices and get items bought.


We ask all parents to look out for unwanted items for large play and role play as in little houses etc… there is a £500 kitty being kept for items to be bought over the year as people see them at Car Boot Sales etc.  Please let the committee, Parent Council or Mrs Curtis know if you’ve seen something you think may be of use for the children.


2. Calendar

The website holds the parent calendar; all dates are on.  Please help us to spot any errors or omissions; also share the good things too. 


3. Mr Redding

Parents were asked to let the office know if any family members are attending the tribute.  Council members asked for an alert to be sent to parents – Mrs Curtis will arrange.


4.  Website

The website is full of great things and the teachers will be adding their assembly dates and other content from their talks over the next week.


5. Email

Some parents are not getting messages or emails.  Firstly, check the spam on your email and be sure we have the right number for you.  Texts are sent directly not through the Expressions app.


6. Parent/Teacher Meetings

There will be two days over the year, on 12th December and 27th March.  There will be paid childcare offered on these days from 7.45-6pm.


7. Nits

The little critters are back! There are new bands at Superdrug which are loaded with lotion (1.50 for 5) and super repellents in the £1 shop.  There is also the homeopathic oil in the office – pop in and ask.


8. Meeting Times

Support for later meetings for parents was voiced, working families find daytime meetings unmanageable.  This is understood by staff and will be offered, as was done at the recent parent meetings and for forthcoming workshops.


9. Parking

Concerns were raised regarding the parking around school at drop off and home time.   There are a lot of paths blocked and children are needing to be on roads to pass. Parents are reminded that they can be fined up to £70 for blocking pathways.  Mrs Curtis will discuss the concern with local police teams to see if it can be tackled.


10. Lockers

Year 2D parents are finding the cloak area very tight and wondered about alternatives.  It is not possible to split lockers as this makes them unstable but it will be explored whether the unit could be moved to a central space to create less corners.


11. Parent Teacher Communications

Parents were asking about ways to find out more about spelling progress. Time was spent discussing the reading records and spelling system.  This led on to a discussion about homework and expectations, considering days and time to complete.   Mrs Curtis said she would discuss this with staff.


As a result, Homework was reviewed with staff and is on a separate document.


12.  Year 2G door at hometime

Parents requested whether Y2G could come onto the playground at home to ease congestion and speed up collection.  This is a good idea for all classes from Y1-6 and will be instigated.


13. YR Lunchtime Orders

The length of queues were discussed as part of the meeting, it will be explored whether the 2 interactive boards could be used for registering.  Mrs Curtis will explore.


Please ask your class Parent Council member for further details of the meeting.  Date of next meeting:

9am on 6th November 2018


Mrs Curtis

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