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Parent Council and PTA Election Minutes

1. PTA Elections

Thanks were expressed to the team for all their hard work over the last year. 

The committee from 2018-19 offered to stand for the 2019-20 year and were all unanimously supported so the committee is:

Chair - Sarah Maude

Secretary – Clair Waterman

Treasurer – Louise Hobbs

The committee discussed how the money raised last year was spent on our lovely playground equipment. As this was a large project they will continue raising money to pay the remaining balance of £15, 000 in the coming years.



The Chair informed the group what is involved in organising an event and all the proceeds from Secret Santa, Mothers & Father’s Day presents are completely non profit.  The committee agreed on an action plan for all upcoming events to help identify where or when help is needed by breaking down jobs into small parts. The committee also expressed how grateful they are for any help no matter how small and suggested having coffee mornings to catch up with those wishing to help.


2. Calendar

The website holds the parent calendar; all dates are on.  Please help us to spot any errors or omissions; also share the good things too. 


3. Parent Council

The Parent Council representatives for this year are:

  • Preschool - Vacancy
  • Nursery -  Bethan (Jamie’s mum)
  • Reception - Natasha (Charlotte’s Mum)
  • Year 1 – Claire (Beau’s mum)
  • Year 2 – Vicki (Olivia’s mum)
  • Year 3M/H - Natasha (Charlotte’s Mum) & Bethan (Jamie’s mum)
  • Year 4 - Vicki (Izzy’s Mum)
  • Year 5 - Emma (McKenzie’s Mum)
  • Year 6 - Brodie (Jacob’s Mum) & Becky (Archie’s mum)


Photographs of each class representative will be visible on their relevant classroom door.


4. Questionnaires

Mrs Curtis shared the outcomes from the Parent Questionnaires sent out last term. Thank you for all your positive feedback we will be displaying your comments through the school. Mrs Curtis has responded to individuals who raised an individual matter. General matters were published on the “What you said and What we did which” document that was published in the Week Ahead and on the website last week. There are several ways for parents/carers to discuss any concerns, via your Parent Council Representative, class teacher or a meeting with Mrs Curtis, please raise matters early so a resolution can be found.


The PTA are currently going through your responses, responses will be made in the near future. 


5. Reading Records

It was raised that some children feel as there are no longer Reading Records they do not need to read at home. 

Mrs Curtis said she would explore with teachers some different ways to motivate children to continue reading at home.


As we are no longer use Reading Records the committee asked how parents could access the details of certificate targets they are working toward.

Mrs Curtis reminded parents that the certificate targets were sent home on the first half term’s Marvellous Me, this will happen at the start of every half term or when children change levels.


6. Mathletics

Some parents are unable to access correctly.

We believe this issue only relates to accessing the app via mobile phone.  As the application specifies at least a 7inch screen most mobiles will be unable to run the application correctly. Children have access to the Computer Room at lunchtimes so can use this time to complete their Mathletics.


7. Homework

The committee fed back some parents were unsure when homework is issued.

Teachers send homework information via the Marvellous Me app, this also includes a link to our website.


8. Premier Sports

Some parents have expressed their disappointment that Gymnastics and Tag Rugby was not extended to Year 2.

Mrs Curtis will be speaking directly to Premier to discuss if extending to Year 2 is a possibility.


9. Volunteering

Reps raised that some parents had commented that they wanted to volunteer and were not allowed.

Mrs Curtis explained that we had tried to have volunteers on many occasions, we trained parents, completed DBS checks and set up roles, only to have parents give up so quickly. Over the past 3 years only PTA members had regularly volunteered.  Mrs Curtis would be delighted to have a group of regular volunteers and would ask Mrs Rumsby to add an item on the newsletter to let parents know about the opportunities and commitment required.


10. Afterschool Club

Parents raised a concern that the children had chosen their own club.

Mrs Curtis explained why the children had chosen their club.  Children wanted to choose their own club as they hadn’t enjoyed what their parents had picked previously. All afterschool clubs run on a Tuesday evening apart from Running Club. She also clarified Recorder Club is a Thursday lunchtime so will not impact on those with siblings attending a Tuesday club.

From next term we will issue a list of clubs a week earlier so parents have an opportunity to see what is available in advance and can discuss this with the children.


11. Parent Workshops

Mrs Curtis shared that Parent/Carer workshops will be starting soon.  This term we will run helping your child with: Maths, Writing and Reading; as requested by parents. In the Spring and Summer term  there will alternatives for parents e.g. Baking and Sewing.   


12. Staffing

Mrs Curtis updated the committee on those member of staff who are working part time.

  • Mrs Rumsby has gone down to four days a week Monday to Thursday.
  • Mrs Chantler also works a four day week, she has a half day on Thursday/Friday
  • Mrs Mohammed works Tuesday to Friday.
  • Mrs Haygarth works Monday, Tuesday Wednesday morning and Mrs Sawyer Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.


Please ask your class Parent Council member for further details of the meeting. 


Date of next meeting: 9am on 12th November 2019


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