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Parent Council Meeting 15th November 2022

Reps in attendance

  • Nursery 1 – Emily (Nova's mum)
  • Nursery 2 – Amy (Hugo's mum)
  • Reception - Sam (Ollie’s mum)
  • Year 1 -  Jenna (Penny's mum)
  • Year 2 – Bethan (Jamie’s mum)
  • Year 3 – Natasha (Charlotte’s Mum)
  • Year 4 - Claire (Beau’s mum)
  • Year 5 - Vacancy 
  • Year 6's - Natasha (Alexander’s Mum) 


Items raised by Council members and Mrs Curtis:




Is there an option to expand clubs to KS1?


No, because we do not have the capacity. Every teacher is taken up with the offer of sports clubs. Mrs Curtis explained in addition and for Christmas there will be a choir club starting, it will be run at lunchtime. For those who are not familiar with choir club it is for children from Year 2 to 6 all welcome. We practise in preparation for our visits to the local old peoples home and church for the Carol concert at the end of term.


Question re running more clubs from Parent Rep

Teachers run clubs out of the goodness of their hearts so we can support our children to get them ready for wider opportunities, they are under no obligation to do so and all support clubs every week. The general clubs like art & crafts, games we just don’t have enough staff to run them and prepare children for inter school events.  The children receive a wide range offer through the curriculum.

We will offer alternative providers as they become available.   



Instead of gymnastics could it be replaced with dance for example to make it more appealing for all?


Dance is covered as part of the P.E curriculum and does not have inter school competition so no. The reason why we have created the sports clubs are so the children can take part in events.

Clubs are run from Year 3-6; children are not expected to be at a certain level they are there to enjoy the experience and learn new skills. The clubs will continue until February half term, when they change for alternative sports.


2. Learning Ladders


Why do Reception use Learning Ladders as opposed to Marvellous Me?


We use Learning Ladders for early years because they follow a different curriculum and we need to report each week. As part of this we must track observations across different areas of the curriculum. This also enables us to share much more information about your child’s progress.


3. School Dinners

Parents wanted to say thank you for the subsidised dinners. Whilst they appreciate it is due to finish in December, they wondered if there is a possibility if extending it into the New Year.


I don't know if you if you are aware from the press now, but they've told us we've got to budget for 173% increase on our gas bill for next year, which is about forty thousand pounds. I’m grateful to hear that parents are appreciating our efforts.

We will be subsiding meals to end of the Spring term and we will then see how much money the government provide in the next financial year budget to see if this is something we will continue – it is our intention to continue.


4. School Productions


A few parents have questioned why Year 3 and above don’t do a Christmas production.


Each class has a specific event so nativity is for KS1, Harvest is Year 3, Year 4 have the Easter show, Year 5 LAMDA AND Year 6 school production. Each class also has two sharing assemblies each year.

As well as the individual events we also have the carols by candlelight concert and our decorating Tree assembly.  Something for everyone over the year.




How much longer will the children be swimming?


Swimming is weather related. When the temperature significantly drops the heat from the pool and the cold outside makes a mist, so we must stop. As the temperature is mild now, we can continue for longer.


6. Reading Eggs


We spoke about the app at the last meeting, and I wondered if it was possible for Nursery to also use it.


We pay a subscription; I will explore if there would be an additional cost and what it would be.

The app supports the Reception class phonics lessons and the content would therefore be very challenging for Nursery children. It is therefore only used from Reception up.


7. Parent Teacher Meetings


Will there be a parent consultation before Christmas?


No. The next formal meetings are in February just before half term. Reports are sent out just before the formal meetings. We will then offer various time slots for parents to book their meetings. We are not doing closure days anymore. In between times if parents would like to discuss anything with the teacher pop in and see them.

IPP’s were also discussed, Mrs Curtis explained all IPP’s are updated on a termly basis.



Is it possible to add where the gaps are in learning so a parent can help support at home?


On the IPP whilst the broad is there it also includes deals of individual learning targets.

Follow up Mrs Curtis will speak to Mrs Rumsby about adding “top tips for parents to do at home”.


Funzone Drop off & pick up

Areas discussed:

  • The additional time added with new system
  • The gate code
  • Fines
  • Lighting along the playground


Part of the reason for the additional time is parents not remembering the gate code. This has been emailed out to every parent who has completed the Funzone Terms and conditions.

Of course, we are not going to fine people if they are a few minutes late but ultimately it is the parents’ responsibility to allow time to collect. If parents are late of several occasions, then they will be subject to a late fine.

Parents can always use the church car park for a quick place to park.

Regarding the lighting Mr Curtis has added solar lighting along the fences.

Follow up Mrs Cooper will resend the code to Funzone users.


9. Nursery


Can YN children have jacket potato?


Yes, the menu has not altered, there are 4 choices. To clarify children in Nursery can choose the same as for the rest of the school. There is a jacket potato option every day but it has a different filling so parents/carers must be aware of the offer each day. A full least of options available can be found on the website

Feedback from the parents about the menu is very positive.



Special events – are they for Nursery too?


Yes events are for everyone, so Children in Need, Christmas jumper day, etc... is for everyone.


10. Snack

Parents said they did not know how much snack money the children had left with the current system.

Response/Follow up

Following a discussion with Mrs Cooper, parents can now book snack through the Scopay app. Parents can add credit and choose what days their child requires snack. Full details of how to add snack to your child's account can be found on the website.


11. Year 4 update

Mrs Price is now in class three days a week, Mrs Rumsby covers Monday and Tuesday morning, Mrs O’Doherty Monday afternoon and the children have Mr Mayne on a Tuesday afternoon for TWA.  We are still actively looking for a teacher.


Mrs Curtis also discussed staffing in Nursery 2. This will be sent out to parents later this week.


12. Events


We are still planning to do the discos, but we have currently only had one volunteer. For it to go ahead I do need parents to help with snacks and drinks. We do need practical support. Parent Council have volunteered, thank you.

Secret Santa

Parents need to book Secret Santa on Scopay if they would like their child to take part.

We have lots of lovely gifts that will need wrapping. The idea is that the children will choose from a selection of gifts and take a wrapped one away. We would welcome “wrapper uppers” please; Parent Council members said they will get people involved.


13. Library System

We have a new system where are librarians will scan books in and out. We have the system, but we need to catalogue all our lovely books. Again, we could really do with some helpers, Parent Council to ask parents if they can volunteer. Parent Council have offered to help. Mrs Curtis thanked everyone for their support.


14. Clerk to Governors

Mrs Curtis discussed we are trying to recruit a clerk; it is a confidential role and would need someone who is used to taking minutes or has that level of understanding. We have one meeting each term from 8am until 10am. We will be advertising on the website if anyone is interested, please pass the details on.


Date of next meeting 10th January 2023

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