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Parent Council Meeting 27th April 2021

Reps in attendance via Teams video link.

  • Nursery 1 – Vacancy - come and talk to Mrs Curtis if you are interested in this role
  • Nursery 2 - Jenna (Penny's mum)
  • Reception-  Bethan (Jamie’s mum)
  • Year 1 - Natasha (Charlotte’s Mum); Jenna (Betsy's mum)
  • Year 2 – Claire (Beau’s mum)
  • Year 3 - Parveen (Zeesham mum)
  • Year 4M - Bethan (Abigail’s mum)
  • Year 4P - Natasha (Alexander’s Mum) 
  • Year 5 - Vicki (Izzy’s Mum)
  • Year 6 Parveen (Faris' mum)



  • Nursery 2 – Danielle (Carter's mum)


Matters arising:


Shine Programme

Mrs Curtis explained the Shine programme is to help children who need some additional catch up in reading writing and maths. Using data from the previous half term assessments and day to day learning   Children in Early Years have additional catch up in small groups in relation to communication, speaking and listening.

Letters informing parents were emailed out on Friday 21st April, so that they are aware of their child receiving additional support.


Mrs Curtis gave the group an example of how the programme supports learning.  The teacher creates a programme of additional support and that is delivered by the teacher or learning assistant.

Then every half term it is reviewed to see whether that intervention has closed the gap and if not why not.

There were no questions from the group on Shine.



Funzone is opening again from Tuesday 4th May. Currently the numbers are very low, and it may become unviable to run. Mrs Curtis discussed the mixing of bubbles and the impact last December, we want to avoid this happening again. The school will communicate with parents prior to opening confirming if it is viable as we must cover staffing costs etc. This will be done on a weekly basis depending on numbers.


Question: Will you be splitting the Key stage Groups?


We currently have Teeny Funzone for our two-year-olds and Funzone which is the whole school. Depending on numbers it may not be viable to split them. We need to run with two members of staff for each group from a health and safety point of view, we need a minimum of eight children.



Following the latest guidance May 17th is when restrictions are lifted, and we can do a little more and start going into houses as a nation. In terms of what we are doing in school we are largely keeping children in their bubbles but this week we have a whole school assembly because we want to start joining back together for short intervals. The children will continue to sit in their class groups with gaps between each class.


In terms of things like Sports days and other events if we get to a point where they can go ahead, they will be done for the children only. Parents will not be invited so we can reduce the risk of contamination.

After half term we are hoping to start class assemblies so we will see if it is possible to record them. We currently don’t have the best equipment to record so that will need investigating. We are hopeful if we come out of lockdown in June, we can do more of the mixing events in July; including Productions and Leaver’s Assembly.



Mrs Curtis asked the group for feedback the responses included:

  1. Overall parents were very positive about the new menu and quality of food.
  2. Children look forward to seconds
  3. Separately one family fed back their children didn’t like the menu however this could happen with any change of menu.


Mrs Curtis explained the new process and how much bigger the portion sizes are. All meals are balanced around a ladle size. We are aware for some children the larger serving can look quite overwhelming so that is something we are monitoring. We have also purchased new plates to enable the food to be spread out and not mixed together.  


Question: I know dinners must be ordered two weeks in advance but if I go back into the account to see what dinners have been ordered for the coming week, I cannot see what I have ordered. Is there a way of viewing this?


Following on from the meeting we have now created a lunch menu that can be found on the website by clicking on the Parents tab/ Information for Parents/Lunch Dinners/Lunch Menu. Here you will have access to our weekly menu available to download. There is also a guide on how to order meals. We will also attach the weekly menu to the newsletter.



Swimming has started and is going well. The plan is in the Summer that Nursery 2 will start swimming on a Friday morning.

We are currently exploring having open parent sessions to help our Nursery 1 children. This cannot happen until we come out of the national lockdown.


Following on from the meeting we have been able to start Nursery 2 swimming from Friday 7th May, there are more details in this week’s newsletter.


Nursery 2

  1. Drop off and pickup congestion/Line System
  2. Dirty hands


Drop off and pickup times are different for Nursery 1 & 2. Currently Nursery 1 start at 8.50am and finish at 11.50am. Nursery 2 start at 9am and finish at 12noon. This was in response to Covid to reduce the number of families on site wherever possible.


After the meeting it was agreed Nursery 1 parents from Tuesday 4th drop off and pickup from Nursery main entrance and Nursery 2 from the Nursery garden entrance. Both Nursery classes start at 9am and finish at 12noon. Parents have been notified via email. Details of where to line up has also been included.


A few parents have asked if the children can wash their hands in the afternoon as they are sometimes quite dirty from playing outdoors. Mrs Curtis will speak with the Early Years team.


Reception Waiting List  

Parents have now been informed through Surrey and Hampshire which school they have been given. A few parents who did not get a place at Ash Grange asked if they could be advised of where they are placed on the waiting list. Mrs Curtis explained this is not information we can share with parents.

Our website links directly to Surrey where parents can find details of criteria and how to appeal.



New Children

A parent asked if it is possible to be informed when a new child starts. They thought it would be nice to look out for them and be able to welcome the family.

Mrs Curtis asked the group if they felt it would be appropriate to add to the newsletter. We would only use first names when informing parents. Parent Council agreed it would be a nice idea.



The government are not doing SATS this year again, we will continue doing assessments every half term. As we are part of the PiXL organisation we have another layer as our assessments are put against all the other schools assessments in the country. This means we get a national picture of how our school compares with others.



Could a little bit more be put in a newsletter about PiXL?

What information goes to Secondary School being as there are no SATS this year?


PiXL will be added to a newsletter in the next couple of weeks. As far as Secondary schools depending on where the children are going each Secondary will ask for a breakdown of their levels and if they have met the expectations for their year, have they exceeded them or are they below. That is informed from the teacher assessments, and the formal standardised assessment that we use.



A parent had asked if teachers and lunchtime staff keep an eye on friendships during breaktimes as their child had come home saying they didn’t have any friends.


Staff are very aware of friendships and any issues particularly at the moment because normally in the school year we mix all the children in large groups however due to Covid, they are only playing with their class, so it is much easier to monitor. Each class goes to a designated area with a member of their class team. The chances of them not playing with anyone is much lower because the adults are there, and they know the children. We are aware for some children who have friends in other classes who they previously played with, may have not formed as stronger bonds with those in their class. This is particularly true of Year 4 as they mixed far more. If a parent has concerns please let the teacher know so they can monitor it.


Preloved Uniform

A few people have tried to order Preloved uniform online and it brings up an error. This is being investigated and should be resolved shortly.


Question - Do you take preloved shoes and trainers?

We have not previously but we are happy to take. We can photograph and pop on the website.


Date of next meeting: 15th June 2021

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