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Parent Council Meeting 3rd March 2020

Apologies: Bethan and Claire; all other reps in attendance.


Matters arising:

  1. Coronavirus.

We discussed the school measures that are being taken to prevent infections, including the use of liquid soaps.  (see the newsletter 9.3.2020 for full details) .


  1. Ofsted

We explore the report, the school’s achievements and next steps.


  1. Gates.

I was asked if this was a short of long term measure?

This is a long term measure for the safety of children.


  1. Homework Apps

Parents raised difficulty logging on, I shared how you log on Mathletics to reach Readiwriter and visa versa. 


Concern was expressed about the reading activities not being books.

We have not invested in this app to replace books and book reading, books are still coming home every day and targets being shared every half term so parents are aware of current focus.   The app is a place to develop reading skills, it is more of not a replacement of reading books.


Now that the children are spending time doing homework on the computer are they spending too much time on devices in a day?

The school day is practical learning, books, real life and technology as required.  There is very little of a school day spent on devices.  Our hope is that the children now have a learning focus for their device time in the evenings.


  1. Attendance Bands

A parent expressed that feel these are a waste and are bad for the environment.


The children love getting their bands and being valued for being here every day of a term, it has made a really big difference to attendance.


  1. Quiz Night

It was raised the possibility of a quiz night, a bit of good fun.  Please let your class rep know if you would like to come to an adult quiz night in the summer term. 


  1. Parent Lunch

A request was made to hold a parent lunch, something that we did in the past.


I will raise it with the catering team and make sure that there is one in the summer term.


In addition to the meeting agenda I have been asked:

  1. Assemblies – which can parents come to?

At the moment none.

But normally parents are welcome to come to any class assembly and if they are notified that their child is a “Learning Star”.  Parents are not invited to award assemblies as there are too many children to have a large group of parents too. Children bring their certificates and prizes home for celebrations.


  1. Spellings

Would it be possible for parents to find out which spellings the children had right and wrong in the test?

From this week, the weekly test will be completed in a homework book, this will come after the test and be returned by Monday. 


Our next meeting is Tuesday 28th April at 9am

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