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Parent Council Meeting Meeting of 14th June 2022

Reps in attendance

  • Nursery 1 – Amy (Hugo's mum)
  • Year 1 - Bethan (Jamie’s mum)
  • Year 2 – Natasha (Charlotte’s Mum)
  • Year 3 – Claire (Beau’s mum)
  • Year 5s - Bethan (Abigail’s mum), Natasha (Alexander’s Mum) 
  • Year 6 - Vicki (Izzi’s Mum)

Apologies Jenna (Betsy's mum)


Sports Day

Mrs Curtis shared all the lovely positive feedback from parents and carers.

Amy - The nursery parents said how wonderful the morning was, and how kind and attentive the year 6 pupils were. Several parents expressed their thanks. The group also discussed how lovely it was to be able to watch the event.


Question - Would it be possible to open the car park gates at the end of the event to stop bottle necking?

Yes, that can be organised for next time, in addition by next year we will have the rear of the field gate as well.


Question - Can we request parents arrive at 1.15pm so parents aren’t waiting around for children to come in from lunch?

Yes, we will add to the calendar.


Finally, Mrs Curtis explained that the Year 6 children chose to be sports leaders and run activities instead of doing activities this year; their Tug of War was great to see. Mr Barnett did a fantastic job in organising the event.


Playground benches

Question - Can we provide benches for the parents to sit on at home time?

No, we will be getting some seating for the front playground for the children but not enough for all adults.  We are exploring playground markings and chat zones for the children. There was also a question about shading, we have previously explored this, but the cost is just too expensive and impractical for over 200 pupils.



Question - Are we still getting the new catering provider?

Yes, all planned for 4th July, we will inform parents in the next newsletter on Friday. The caterers did a taster menu at our Reception Induction evening, the year 6 children were very pleased with the selection of lovely food.

From September

  • all KS1 children who are allocated a meal from the government as part of the universal offer;


  • KS2 children entitled to a Free School meal as their parents/carers work/benefit package qualify them for the Pupil Premium allocation;

will have a meal provided by the school.


Parents who pay for their children’s meals in Key Stage 2, can choose to order a meal or packed lunch provided by the new caterer or provide a packed lunch.


Oakwood Photographs

Question - When will the photographs be available?

As of Thursday 16th June the photographs were made available.


Project Homework

Question - Is it possible to have the theme before the half term so parents can get a head start on it?

No, we don’t want to put additional pressure on staff, they are currently preparing things, gathering information so we will continue with the current timetable.

The group discussed the homework gold, silver, and bronze awards. Mrs Curtis to chase with Year 1 & 5C.


Class Exhibition

Parent feedback was good, Mrs Curtis was asked if it was possible to change one of the visits to a morning. Previous parental feedback requested afternoons as parents were often rushing off to work after dropping off. Mrs Curtis has suggested the parent discuss this with the classteacher. If more parents request this, we will change accordingly.


Rotary Club

Question – A few parents enquired how the children were selected for the event?

Mrs Curtis explained numbers are limited, we provide the coach, and they provide the venue. Children were chosen by senior staff and to protect families private circumstances the reasons for selection were not shared. For those that did not attend this time, if the Rotary Club continue to offer the event, they may be chosen next time. We keep a list so that children only go once during KS2.


Quiet Corridors

Question - Some of the children have been coming home talking about quiet corridors can you explain?

Basically, it’s just noise levels, due to the lay out of the school especially on swim days it’s just about keeping the noise level down, so you don’t disturb other classes. Staff do a countdown from 5 to remind the children not to talk in the corridors.



Mrs Curtis asked for ideas to improve it

  • Uniform Shop- Shortcut on website homepage and lunch menu

Mrs Curtis will speak with the company that provide the website as there currently is a limit to what can be added to the front page.

The group felt this would be helpful especially for newer items added as they can often be a few clicks in to find.


Other items

Mrs Curtis discussed the following:

  • Charity Day on 1st July, details on the newsletter


  • Trips – for 2022-23 the school will cover the cost to help families manage huge financial pressures. The Council suggested having a donation facility on Scopay for those families able to contribute to the costs.


  • School Disco – possibility in the future


  • Year 6 End of year special day – BBQ, Swim etc… with a £100 budget for the children to manage.


  • Year 5 letters of application for jobs next year – all received, children in Y5 will have 3 out of 6 half term jobs over the year


  • Fencing – coming along nicely


  • Mobile phone usage on site, parents to be aware of their conversations and not to take photos on site without staff permission


  • School Council members asked to indicate if they would like to stand next year, all present said yes, Mrs Curtis will ask those absent.


  • Thanks said to Vicky Brodie for her Council membership over the years, as Izzie leaves in July this is her last term. 


A full list of events is available on the school website:


Date of next meeting: in September term

Minutes kindly written by Mrs Taylor.





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