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Parent Council Meeting Meeting of 21st September 2021

Reps in attendance via Teams video link.

  • Nursery 1 – Heidi (Hugo's mum)
  • Nursery 2 – Vacancy - come and talk to Mrs Curtis if you are interested in this role
  • Reception - Danielle (Carter's mum); Jenna (Penny's mum)
  • Year 1 - Bethan (Jamie’s mum)
  • Year 2 – Natasha (Charlotte’s Mum); Jenna (Betsy's mum)
  • Year 3 – Claire (Beau’s mum)
  • Year 5s - Bethan (Abigail’s mum), Natasha (Alexander’s Mum) 
  • Year 6 - Vicki (Izzy’s Mum)


Visitor Stephanie Richards (Brendyn’s mum)



  • Year 4 - Parveen (Zeesham's mum); Vicky (Olivia's mum)


Matters arising:


Birthday Sweets/treats change of policy

Claire reported - The feedback from parents now it had stopped was positive.


Overgrown Trees

Claire asked: Can we do something about the overgrown trees along the back fence where Year 3 line up?

Mrs Curtis will speak to the contractor; the long-term plan is to remove the trees to put in new fences.



Claire asked: Will there be school trips?

We are putting in place plans for trips in the summer term, but not at the moment unless they are an outdoor trip. There are ongoing issues with the coaches and ensuring minimum risk to our children. Trips will build up over time, we are working on exploring the organisations who can come into school so the children will all get an in-school experience like the Roman Day, and the Nursery farm visit.

We are not going to the panto this year; we will do the same as last year and buy online so all the children can access from school.



The Year 5 and 6 residential is booked for next year, letters will come out this week. We have worked the costing for a minimum of 36 children to a maximum of 90. At it’s most expensive it will cost £195, if we have more than 36 children it will decrease. Requests for deposits by half term to indicate you want a place then we will organise a payment plan to spread the remaining balance. There is also an overnight stay for Years 3 and 4 being organised.


Changing for Swimming

Claire asked about the location for the children when swimming.

Mrs Curtis clarified the only class that changes in the classroom are Reception. All other year groups change in the Boys/Girls changing rooms.


School Lunches

Vicky asked Have lunches increased to £2.45? When I booked a lunch Scopay was showing a cost of £2.35.

Mrs Curtis said she would check with the office.

Response from the office. We are having a few technical issues with Scopay, this has now been rectified and lunches from Monday will show at a cost of £2.45.


Parents have expressed whilst the children in Reception enjoy the lunch, they still have issues with the sauces.

Mrs Curtis said we monitor daily what the children are eating, and the children do not seem to have an issue with it. We have negotiated with the catering company; parents can order what is classified as a plain meal.

The children do have the option not to have the sauce if they do not like it.


Year 7

Vicky asked: Does anything come out from Ash Grange, any guidance?

Mrs Curtis explained we have prepared some information for parents and would speak to Mrs Taylor to see if it had been sent.

Response from the office. All Year 6 parents were sent a Groupcall message on “How and when to apply with a link to Surrey County Council admissions page on Tuesday 21st September. A letter and pamphlet for Year 6 were also distributed by Classteacher. We also have access to Surrey admissions portal so parents who have not applied nearer to the deadline of 31st October will be contacted.


Settling in Meeting Reception

Danielle asked: Can we could do a five-minute settling in meeting for those children who are unsettled in the morning going into class?

Mrs Curtis will talk to Mrs Mohammad, previously we have run coffee mornings to help get parents connected.

The group agreed a meet and greet coffee morning would be a good idea.

Mrs Mohammad has reached out to those parents who were unable to make the induction session if they would like to look round the classroom.



Note afterwards: we will be arranging a coffee morning for Tuesday 5th October for Reception parents at drop off, Mrs Mohammed will be there for any questions and a chance for parents to meet one another.  It will be in Funzone Room which has ventilation.


Collection of Children

Danielle asked: Can you monitor the lines for each year group during collection?

We recognise the queues are long however, we do not have the capacity to monitor over 200 parents during pick up. Parents do have the space to double queue. To help parents in Year 1 we will add another line.

Year 5 & 6 we will reinforce.



Jenna asked on behalf of Year 2 parent: Can children have more sport on the agenda?

Mrs Curtis explained they already have two hours a week, they also have options with sports clubs. We cannot take anymore curriculum time because there is a proportion of curriculum time we are allowed to give to each subject. When swimming stops, they have a double P.E.


Question: Can we reintroduce Cross Country?

Information has already been sent out via our newsletter and emails. We are building up the fixtures hence us starting trials for the football clubs. These things are building up county wise and we will inform parents as we become aware. We had our sports meeting two weeks ago to discuss which fixtures will be available. Of course, we will need to make sure our teams are ready to enter fixtures. We are currently building a netball, football and running team.


Over the school year the children get exposed to six different sports through their curriculum. So, this half term it is gymnastics and swimming.


Question: Is there somewhere on the website parents can access this information?

Response from the office. Information on what your child is learning this year can be accessed via the website class pages




We no longer produce a weekly newsletter as we were finding parents were not reading it. We are now sending short messages by email. If parents want to check what emails have been sent, they can access them via the website news page.

Marvellous Me (Y1-6) or Tapestry (Nursery to Reception)

Informs parents of the focus of learning.


Class Page contains current curriculum information.


Question: Can we please ensure handwritten messages outside of class coincide with other communication?

Yes, things need to be consistent throughout.


Phonic Scheme (Little Wandle Scheme)

Question: Would it be possible to have a letter explain what it is?

Mrs Curtis shared with the group the government required us to select a phonics scheme last summer, so going forward we had to decide what was going to be our phonics scheme. We bought into “Little Wandle”

It is the evolution of the letters and sounds we’ve been running. We expected all our training and resources to be available at that point. The scheme was ordered however the resources are taking longer than expected. We have received the books however the training was not released until the inset day in September. Now we have all completed our training we will put a letter and guide together informing parents.

Question: There was some confusion over what books need returning can you clarify?

When the children have learnt their set of sounds, each book has three layers of learning that is completed with their teacher. The book is then given to the child to take home to read with parents. The phonics book needs to be returned every day.



Question: How are the clubs chosen?

Clubs depends entirely on numbers. Where possible children are given their first choice. If this is not possible, they will be offered their second choice with preferential treatment for the next club selection.


Date of next meeting in school 9th November 2021


Minutes kindly written by Mrs Taylor.

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