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Parent Council Meeting Meeting of 22nd June 2021

Reps in attendance via Teams video link.

  • Nursery 1 – Vacancy - come and talk to Mrs Curtis if you are interested in this role
  • Nursery 2 – Jenna (Penny's mum) Danielle (Carter's mum)
  • Reception-  Bethan (Jamie’s mum)
  • Year 1 - Natasha (Charlotte’s Mum); Jenna (Betsy's mum)
  • Year 2 – Claire (Beau’s mum)
  • Year 3 - Parveen (Zeesham & Faris' mum)
  • Year 4M - Bethan (Abigail’s mum)
  • Year 4P - Natasha (Alexander’s Mum) 
  • Year 6 Parveen (Zeesham & Faris' mum)



  • Year 5 - Vicki (Izzy’s Mum) – sent in the first question


Matters arising:


Secondary Schools


What is happening at Secondary Schools for children who are currently in Year 5 going up to Year 6 in September?

Mrs Curtis explained the Secondary Schools would normally be doing induction visits for Year 6 at this point in the school year, they have been cancelled across Surrey. Secondary’s cannot mix their bubbles and as restrictions have been extended until July 19th most schools will be closed.

For Year 5 parents and children the tours of prospective school in the autumn term have not yet been confirmed.


School Dinners

There were three Parent Councillors who wanted to discuss dinners. Mrs Curtis gave an update on where we are currently.

“I will be meeting with the catering team in the next week or two to discuss how we can increase the offer with more choices.  We would really like to bring in, especially in the summer months is a packed lunch alternative. We would also like a couple of meals per week that are not in a sauce.

I had a meeting a few weeks ago and what I did not appreciate is if the food is in a sauce, you can maintain a more consistent temperature.”



Can we look at those meals that are popular and those that are not so?

Mrs Curtis replied we already have established they are less keen on the fish in a sauce so at the next meeting we will request that this is presented without the sauce.

The group agreed the standard of the much is much better. The group discussed the possibility of having a roast on a Wednesday again. Mrs Curtis explained this will be discussed in preparation for the Autumn term.

School tracks what the children are eating daily, likes/dislikes, who has seconds, favourites, etc. This will be discussed to agree what they can offer.


Can there be a jacket potato option?

Mrs Curtis said this was not an option, whilst the children tell their parents they eat the jackets they don’t. They were scooping three spoons of potato and leaving the rest.  Mrs Curtis would much prefer the children to have a packed lunch option like a pick and mix. She will explore the option of a sandwich, with a selection of dairy and fruit, so the children have a choice.



Has there been an increase in Packed Lunches from home?

No, we have done an analysis, currently they are really stable. This is why we want the meeting with the team to see what additional we can offer and adjust.


School Photographs

Mrs Curtis shared her views on the class photos. We used the same company who produced the single photos which were lovely, so we were excited to see the class photographs. Overall, the view was they were disappointing, the children looked awkward, disjointed, and miserable, so we have discussed having a formal class photo rather than the trendy itty bitty ones.

The group were asked for their opinions, no one liked the class photographs but agreed formal was a good choice. We will also move the photo shoot to the Spring Term so if the results are poor, we have time to book another company and re shoot.


Access to School


Would it be possible for the school to contact the council to support the cutting back of bushes and nettles along the alley way?

We can contact the council and continue to report but please encourage parents to call because the complaints are logged, the quicker you reach the number of complaints increases the faster the council do it.

We are currently in the midst of planning application to replace our perimeter fence. We are applying for a 3 meter fence and as part of that process we have talked to the local authority because we also wish to increase our gate size. That will mean we will then clear outside of our gate.

During the planning application process, we have discovered the alley way is classed as “no man’s land” the consequences being the local council are not taking responsibility for it. so, we will clear either side of our fence so we can replant.

Mrs Curtis shared her opinion about the new gate system. There are a couple of possibilities:

  • A two gates system- one in and one out.
  • One extra large gate

We are leaning more towards the first option having observed on the gate during drop offs.

 The double gates onto the playground will only be locked at the end of the day for ease of access. There is also a future plan to add a gate at the bottom of the field next to the former nature area to allow access from the far end of the alley.



Parents have fed back they did not find out about the project homework grades and also communication on

Reading books. The children and teachers are saying they have gone up a level, but the children have not necessarily come home with a certificate or book.


Upon asking Council members it is only Reception Class who have not had notification of homework levels, this will be action by the classteam. Notification will come through IConnect/ParentZone. We are aware of ongoing connection issues, so we have decided to move away from IConnect to Tapestry. This will be in place for September for Nursery 1 & 2 and Reception. Details will be sent out to parents in due course.


Mrs Curtis clarified the only time the children will ever go up a level is if they have a certificate or book.

There could be a slight delay if we move the certificates to a certain point in the half term. When the children returned from lockdown, we were doing certificates every week however the idea is we do it at two points in the half term.


Parent/Teacher Reports

Reports will be emailed out to parents on the 15th July. We will run the optional parent/teacher meetings like we usually do in the summer term. If parents would like to book an appointment, they need to email the teacher directly. Appointments before the 19th of   July will be online, appointments booked after the 19th July can be face to face as local restrictions should be lifted.


Drop Off’s

The following was covered:

No Shade - We are unable to offer shade when it is warm outside. We would suggest individuals use sunshades, parasols whilst waiting.

Train - The train has moved from the playground as the children wanted to play with it inside.

Masks - Local restrictions still apply Hands, Face, Space. Once we have guidelines on the 19th  July the same rules will apply in school.



Sports Day

This will be for children only. We will take lots of photographs of them doing their lovely races and Round Robin activities, so parents experience the day too.


New Teacher Morning

A few parents had asked about new teachers. Mrs Curtis explained this is shared on 16th July when the children have their new teacher morning. We are still in the midst of recruiting. We held interviews this week, for those parents that are new to the process, if a class had a less experienced member of staff this year, I would make sure they have a more qualified in September. Children do not take their teacher up with them. It was only last year we did that because of Covid.


Year 6 Show & Activity Day       

As the restrictions will still be in place and with the capacity of our hall calculated for social distancing, we will be able to offer each Year 6 family 3 places at the show on the evening of Friday 16th July. As restrictions are lifted on 19th July, we will have a second performance for the whole school (no parents) on Monday 19th July.

As we are not going to Chessington, we are organising a fun day for them on Tuesday 20th July. Year 6 will come to school in their own clothes and have a whole activity day including a swimming gala, BBQ lunch, smoothie making and crafts.


Leavers Assembly

This will take place as planned on Wednesday 21st July 9am-10am, we will allocate families 3 places as per the production (with waiting lists for any spare places) and only siblings in the school may attend.  If all restrictions do lift, we will of course have the whole school present.


PTA Raffle

We are having a Summer raffle; raffle books have been sent home this week. This will be drawn on the evening of the Year 6 production.



Mrs Curtis asked the group for their thoughts on ordering Leavers Hoodies in the Autumn so children could use them for P.E rather than wearing during the last half term when the weather is warmer. One consideration was how much children grow during the year so at the end of the year the hoodies may be too small. It was agreed the option would be revisited at a later date.


At the end of the meeting Mrs Curtis thanked the group for all their contributions throughout the year and asked them to notify her by Friday 25th June if they are not standing able to continue in the next school year.


Minutes kindly written by Mrs Taylor.

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