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Parent Council Meeting of 9th November 2021

Reps in attendance

  • Nursery 1 – Amy (Hugo's mum)
  • Nursery 2 Steph (Brendon’s mum)
  • Reception - Danielle (Carter's mum); Jenna (Penny's mum)
  • Year 1 - Bethan (Jamie’s mum)
  • Year 2 – Natasha (Charlotte’s Mum); Jenna (Betsy's mum)
  • Year 3 – Claire (Beau’s mum)
  • Year 4 - Vicky (Olivia's mum)
  • Year 5s - Bethan (Abigail’s mum), Natasha (Alexander’s Mum)
  • Year 6 - Vicki (Izzi’s Mum)


Apologies: Danielle


Matters arising:



A Nursery parent mentioned they had been invoiced for our charity events i.e., Christmas Jumper Day and Mufti Day. We are aware not all children attend Nursery every day. If your child is not attending on the day of the event, you do not need to participate. The website calendar lists all upcoming event throughout the year.

Response from the office: We are happy to refund any monies paid against an event where your child is not due to attend.


Nursery Lunches

A couple of parents asked for clarification on how the lunchtime cover is “policed”.

Mrs Rumsby responded we do not “police” lunchtimes, staff are on hand to help and support children during this period. Children are monitored to ensure they have eaten part or all their lunch, anything that isn’t eaten is put back into their lunchbox for parents to observe.

We recently sent out an email which was generated from observations from children in the hall.  (Reception -Year 6) We do have a responsibility to promote healthy eating so we will occasionally send out reminders if we have noticed a surge in sugary snacks at lunchtime. Our aim is that every child who is entitled to a school meal will have one.


School Lunches

Matters discussed were covered during the following meetings:

Menu Taken from meeting on 21.9.21

Parents have expressed whilst the children in Reception enjoy the lunch, they still have issues with the sauces.

Mrs Curtis said we monitor daily what the children are eating, and the children do not seem to have an issue with it. We have negotiated with the catering company; parents can order what is classified as a plain meal.

The children do have the option not to have the sauce if they do not like it.

Taken from meeting on 22.6.21We would really like to bring in, especially in the summer months is a packed lunch alternative. We would also like a couple of meals per week that are not in a sauce.

I had a meeting a few weeks ago and what I did not appreciate is if the food is in a sauce, you can maintain a more consistent temperature.”


Question: Is there an option to have an onsite cook?

We have tried to advertise the post with no luck. We researched the average wage an increased it in the hope we would attract more people. Ideally, we would love to include a packed lunch option where children have pick and mixed options.


Question: Is there another provider you could potentially look at especially for those who are entitled to a school meal and are having packed lunch, especially those with more than one child it is working out rather costly.

Mrs Rumsby explained as we have previously stated it is a work in progress and we are working hard to make it the best we can for our families.



A couple of parents in Year 1 felt there was too much homework set. The children don’t have enough time to do it leaving the children anxious and upset.

Sometimes there are technical difficulties when the website is down.

Taken from previous meeting

Mrs Curtis explained children will complete homework activities in different rates, the idea is that over a week the children spend 3x30 mins doing Reading, Spelling and Maths.  The teacher sets the area of learning, and the children are assessed as they complete activities, each child takes the time they need to complete the activity; but must spend at least 30- a week on that subject area. The teacher tracks how long each pupil has spent in total.

Mrs Curtis also shared that most of the classes are leaving their homework until the Wednesday evening, this causes the system to overload in the last two weeks which may contribute to the glitches some parents have reported


One parent said their child was in Funzone in the evenings and it is quite late by the time they got home.

Response: Children can complete their homework during their time in Funzone should they wish to. We also supply   workbooks free of charge.


Question: Please can we make parents aware of the workbooks?

Response from office:

  • Workbooks are promoted on the website under homework.
  • Classes are emailed individually if needing to self-isolate
  • This was promoted during our Home Learning period.

We will include this in our next newsletter


Positive lateral flow results.

Question: Has there been an update about this as we had a notification but no follow up?

Response from office: We do endeavour to notify parents as quickly as possible if we receive a positive result on a lateral flow or PCR test. For children who have tested positive on a lateral flow they are required to complete a PCR test and will not return to school until results are confirmed. It is the responsibility of parents during this period to monitor their child and complete daily lateral flow tests.


Reading books

A few parents in Year 3 have asked if the reading books can be changed more regularly.

Mrs Rumsby explained every two weeks the children have an opportunity to visit the Rainbow library where they can choose a book. Ideally books should be changed every week however sometimes it may be a little longer depending on the size of the book. We will follow up with this.


Question Is the Rainbow library different to the normal library?

Response: Yes, details about the Rainbow library can be found on the website.


If you would like to know more about our reading scheme, please visit


Life Skills

Question Can there be more opportunities for children to develop their life skills?

Mrs Rumsby explained yes, however due to covid this was limited. Within each project there is always an element of cooking, details of each project can be found on the website. Then the medium-term planning is broken down to see where it enables these opportunities. There will be much more opportunities now the restrictions are lifted


New children

Question Follow on from a previous meeting is it possible to notify parents when a new child is starting?

We have cut down the number of newsletters to three per half term. We are now sending updated emails so can add the new starters to the emails.


Friendship Bench

Question Is it possible to change the wording on the Friendship bench as it has been mentioned some of the words seem a little negative.

Our friendship bench also be known as a buddy bench, is a special place in a school playground where children child can go when they want someone to talk to. When a child feels the need for a friend to talk to, he or she can show this by using the friendship bench. Our Year 6 “Play makers” will then help the child join in an activity or talk about their feelings. As well as promoting friendship, buddy benches also help children to understand the feelings of others and help them to be kind and caring towards others.



Communication (Tapestry)

Question Is it possible to receive a few more updates about the children’s daily activities?

Currently parents are receiving one photo a week. A few parents feel this is not enough and they are missing out on what the children have been up to. Also, please can the daily observations link to the EYFS framework.

Tapestry allows you to publish one activity per day. The staff are doing more than one observation though out the day the one that is published will relate to their target. Mrs Rumsby asked the group to share their ideas.

Response: Possibly more in-depth things on Tapestry or if Mrs Wade could share what the activity was for the day. Mrs Rumsby will feed this back to the Nursery team.



It was requested when a child is collected by another authorised person they are asked for a password by a member of staff.

Response We will feed this back to the Nursery team.


Nursery side gate

Question Why is the side gate not open for Nursery pick up at 12noon?

Response Previously children were on the playground during pick up dates. We are planning once the new gates are installed to add Nursery timings automatically.


School Calendar

Parents have noticed a lot of things popping up on the school calendar is there a way of adding who the event relates to?

Response from the office: Events are published on the website, if an event is specific to a year group or key stage this will be noted in the description. For whole school events N1-Year 6 the description is blank.



Question Is there any fundraising currently?

Our PTA work very hard to raise money for the school. Throughout their time as PTA members, they have raised an incredible amount of money.

Reponse: The PTA have tried to recruit more people to help but there has been a lack of involvement from parents. Some events have been changed for example the Fayre has been replaced by a raffle which was a popular choice. For example, the cost to hold an event like the Christmas fayre was less than the proceeds made. The majority of event were breaking even so they were making no profit.

As a school we welcome fundraising if you would like to organise a fundraising event please speak with Mrs Curtis or Mrs Rumsby or contact the

Response from PTA Mrs Maude is delighted parents would like to organise events and is happy to coordinate those wishing to offer their services or organise future events.

Ash Grange is happy to support any future suggestions.


School Photographs.

Question How long is it before the photographs arrive?

Response We have been advised photographs will be available to order and delivered before Christmas.


Parent/Teacher Day

Question The last appointment is 6pm is there anyway of extending this for working parents?

Mrs Rumsby explained the dates of the Parent teacher day are advertised a year in advance. The time slots are between 9am and 6pm. If you would like to discuss your child and are unable to attend Parent/Teacher Day, please speak with your teacher directly or via the website.


Date of next meeting 11th January 2022 in school


Minutes kindly written by Mrs Taylor.






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