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Parent Council Minutes 5.3.19

Present: Mrs Curtis, Preschool – Emma (Mckenzie's Mum), Nursery Class - Natasha (Charlotte's Mum), Reception Class – Laura (Amelia's Mum), Year 1 - Vicky (Olivia H's Mum), Year 2G - Sarah (Frank's Mum), Year 2D - Bethan (Abigail's Mum), Year 3 – Vicky (Izzy's Mum), Year 4 – Gemma (Hollie's Mum), Year 5 – Becky (Archie's Mum) and Brody (Jacob’s Mum) and Year 6 – Vicky (Keeva's Mum)


Absent: Brody (Jacob’s Mum)

Matters Arising:


1. Marvellous Me and I-Connect – what is and when is it being used?

Marvellous Me is being rolled out to parents this week. MarvelousMe is a parent app that tells you about the wonderful things that your child is learning, and pings you when they’ve been praised for good work, a great character skill, or received school rewards. Setup letters were sent out this week of how to get the FREE app on your phone or tablet. You can find out more about MarvellousMe at Teachers will start using MarvellousMe from 11th March so you have a week to get it all set up before you receive notifications. Do contact the office if you need any additional support.


It will be set up for Preschool and Nursery next week as the I-Connect system which shares the Learning Journey of Early Years children is a few weeks away being ready to use.


2. Lunches – regularity of jacket potatoes, repeating meals and parents making choices with children at home.

We explored the issues and I took away actions.

a) Jacket potatoes, this is an extra meal choice on top of a meat and veggie option and is a bonus meal choice for our children which they really enjoy and so will remain.

b) Repeating meals – cottage pie, mince and potatoes.

c) This was raised with the catering team and one of these will be swapped to meatballs on the next menu rotation.

d) Parents choosing meals at home – this can be done, hurray, and here are the steps to set this up.

We are introducing the opportunity for parents to choose school meals for their children in advance. If you wish to discuss with your child and preorder their meal choices visit Instructions on how to order meals are available online at

If choices have been made the children can not reselect at school and if the child has chosen, the teacher will ensure they have made a choice in the morning.


3. Bikes on the playground – a number of Preschool and Nursery children are on bikes and causing accidents.

As parents/carers have been told to not allow their children to ride bikes into the school grounds at all, I will address this matter with any parent not following this safety rule. Please let me know of any parents that I need to speak to regarding this matter.


The new bike rack arrived this week, which allows easier access and care of the bikes.


4. Superactive – do children who walk get recognised for the activeness?

Yes when it is a journey week, 1 scooter rider, 1 biker and 1 walker are selected in turn.


5. Uniform – can we have round neck sweatshirts?

In simple answer yes, they were taken off due to the very few purchases. Sharon Taylor will look into minimum orders and then explore interest before ordering.


6. Nature Area – relocation information from Mrs Curtis.

Having had a number of incidents of vandalism with the current nature area we have decided to relocate it to the front of the school. This will enable the children to have regular access and increase their awareness of the biodiversity of the grounds. The stages are listed above.

We are also adding an Orchard and Sensory Garden to the sloped area by my office. The children are also preparing for the Surrey Garden Trust gardening competition by planting planters in lots of shapes and sizes that will be filled with lots of summer colour.


7. Playgrounds – update from Mrs Curtis

The children have made equipment choices and we will be using all the hard earned fundraising money to buy some wonderful pieces. Final voting will take place in the next 2 weeks with installation in late spring.



Next Meeting 7th May 2019 at 9am

Scopay School Shop