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Parent email 19th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,


I write to you all: parents/carers, staff, governors, at this extraordinary time.  Never has our community faced such a challenge to our way of life, as the government’s decision to protect everyone is resulting in school closure.   At Ash Grange Primary School, we want to do all we can to support our families and staff through this time.   Please read the whole of this email carefully as a response will be required from many of you.


For the majority of families, keeping your child at home is the safest way of preventing the spread of the virus and of catching it; through our online platforms of websites we have made provision for those families.


The Education Minister has asked us to provide a safe and secure place during the day for children of Key Workers and children with an EHCP and or Social Worker.  We understand that there are other families who will be extremely vulnerable at this time because without going to work it could result in loss of earnings and or your job (this could include anyone with a Zero Hour Contract).  In order to assist all of these situations we are looking at different ways we can support you.


The government expectation of schools is that they support key worker families, we want to add to this by supporting all working families who could lose their job if they do not work during this time.


In order to identify the families this affects, please read and respond to this email accordingly.

  1. If you are a non-working parent who is not allowed, by the government’s decision to send your child to school – DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL.
  2. If you are a working parent and have a support structure that allows you to care for your child without school support – DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL.




A) If you are a keyworker or your child has an EHCP, or your family have a designated social worker and you do not have anyone else to care for your child,  


B) If you are a working parent, in any industry, that without going to work would result in a loss of earnings and or your job plus, do not have anyone else to care for your child.  (If you work from home you do not qualify for this category).


Remember the government have stated that children should not be left with vulnerable older members of the community or under 18-year-old siblings.  


Children who do not fall into group 3a or 3b should remain at home with appropriate adult care. 


So if you qualify under 3a or 3b, please email by 12 noon today 19.3.20 or call with your child’s name and details of your job and your employer, or Social Worker so we can identify how many children need schooling at this time. We will then explore any offer we can make.


In addition, we are working with the school caterers exploring how to provide food for those entitled to free school meals, and support for our families in other ways.  More will be said on this in additional emails today.


Please take very great care of yourself and your loved ones,

kindest regards,

Mrs Curtis/Mrs Rumsby

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