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The Squid Game

Over the last week we have heard the children of Year 3 upwards playing games from the new Squid Game.  This is a new adult program released only 2 weeks ago, it has a rating of 15+ as the visual content includes high levels of gore, death, violence, and physical assault. It also has graphic depictions of suicide, murder, and sexual assault.

Obviously, children of our school who would be underage, are not seeing the game but they are referring to it.  We had a discussion with Years 4 upwards to explain that they must not make any reference to it in their games at school. We must keep all the children safe from its influence or creating a curiosity about the content.  Please check that your Netflix accounts have the restrictions to keep your child safe.  I am saddened that the children’s innocent playground games have been twisted in this way.

If you want to know how you can support your child here is the link to the online safety site regarding it:



One of our parents has made me aware of the fact that Roblox has a "squid game" within it too, which relates to the TV programme that I shared earlier.  For those of you who thought it was all age appropriate for primary aged children, there are a number of 7+ games which may be very inappropriate for them. Let me know if you see it anywhere else so we can protect the children.

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