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Updated School Dinner Menu

Following feedback from children and parents, we have worked with our catering suppliers, Slice of Pie, on an updated menu to help children and adults recognise the food more easily and a reduction in sauce accompaniments.

For instance, Fish pies which were not popular have been replaced with Breaded Fish.


Attached is a revised menu which includes the following changes (Please see the attached pdf for full details):


Week 1

Tuesday – Breaded Fish or Vegan Fingers


Week 2

Monday – Breaded Fish or Vegan Fingers

Wednesday – Roast Turkey or Roasted Pumpkin and Butter Bean Loaf


Week 3

Monday – Roast Pork or Quinoa Vegetable Roast

Friday - Breaded Fish or Vegan Fingers


Week 4

Monday – Chunky Beef Chilli or Roasted Pepper and Aduki Bean Chilli

Thursday - Breaded Fish or Vegan Fingers


The menu is now live on Scopay and will begin immediately.


Full details of school dinners can be found at

Scopay School Shop