Tuesday 28th - Year 2 SAT's Talk's 2.30pm and 6pm. Friday 31st- Disco's Children can wear own clothes. Clothing must be safe for learning and playing, no extra jewellery, makeup or nail polish.
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Week beginning 16.11.20

Well what a fun day was had by all as we supported the Children in Need charity, thank you for all your support. We have managed to raise a whopping £359.10 so far – wow.  Enjoy all the events on the BBC tonight.


Thank you to everyone who has sold their raffle tickets so far, many people have requested more tickets.  All this money will be spent on playtime resources and a possible rear gate access to the school. 


This week (16th November) is Anti-Bullying week, the theme this year is United Against Bullying.  Over the week children will take part in assemblies, activities and learning that will develop their age appropriate understanding of what is and what is not bullying.  Here is the link to the national website with links for parents/carers. To celebrate our Anti-Bullying week, we start the week by wearing odd socks to school on Monday.



As you know we expect the very best presentation from children at all ages. When children receive a fountain pen for their joined fluent handwriting they can earn presentation points too. If they earn 10 presentation points they can swap their ink from school blue to the term’s colour – Orange/Red for Autumn; Green for Spring and Teal for Summer.

In order to recognise the wonderful presentation of the children not yet having a fountain pen, who have a pen licence or are writing in pencil, we have ordered special star presentation pencils and pens. Children earn the use of these for their writing when they achieve 10 presentation points.

Remember though, if children receive 3 poor presentation points they have to stop using the pencil, pen or ink colour until they have earned another 10 points.  Also, if handwriting slips and stops being fluent and consistent they will have to stop using their fountain pen until they have reached the highest standard again.

The younger children were delighted at the star pencils and pens and I hope will encourage them to always try their best.


Nasal Flu Vaccination Reception – Year 6

If you have not already done so, please complete the e-consent form for your child’s flu vaccination at:  (Ash Granges’ unique code/URN number is SR125116 which you will need to enter on to the flu consent form) by 4pm on Thursday 26th November.


Christmas Lunch – Book on Scopay Now!

If you would like your child to have the Christmas Lunch please book (and pay if applicable) on Scopay by Tuesday 1st December.  Details on how to choose your child’s lunch are available at


Roast Turkey with Chipolata Sausage, Stuffing & Gravy (Red Choice)


Cheese, Sweet Potato and Parsnip Tart (Green Choice)

Served with Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Peas & Brussel Sprouts

Followed by

Strawberry & Vanilla Ice Cream Pots


Reception to Year 6 will have their special School Christmas Lunch on Friday 11th December.


Nursery 1 and 2 will be having their Christmas Lunch on Thursday 10th December (for those who normally attend that day). Children who are normally collected at 12noon can stay until 1pm on this day if they book a Christmas Lunch.  There is no packed lunch option for anyone on this day.


Reception class photo

Just a reminder that the Reception Class photo has been included in the 16 page pull out of the Surrey Advertiser newspaper that was published today and available from shops for a week.


Lockdown Number 2 Reminder

Thank-you all so much for your ongoing support of the social distancing safety measures in place on the school site, which are working so well. As we enter the second lockdown, we need to further reduce the amount of people on the site and the amount of people everyone is coming into contact with.


So until the end of the national lockdown:

  • Only one adult per family to drop off/collect children. Where possible make this the same person each day and do not bring other children from your family unless there is no-one else to look after that child.
  • Please do not send older siblings to collect children unless you have no alternative.
  • When waiting to drop off or collect your child keep your distance from anyone from a different family.


Chairs Challenge Winter/Christmas

I loved seeing the entries to my Autumn challenge, so as promised, here's another Chairs Challenge for this half term.
A bit of fun and lots of house points up for grabs again for anyone who wants to take part. Post entries on the PTA Facebook page with year group.
There are 2 challenges to choose from for each group, either a Christmas "art/craft" or a Winter themed activity

  • Nursery 1 / Nursery 2 - Find your favourite Christmas or Winter story book, and post a photo of the book (My favourite is The Night Before Christmas, we read it every Christmas Eve) or Colour/Draw/Make a Christmas picture 🎅
  • Reception / Y1 / Y2 - Colour/Draw/Make a snowman ⛄ (I know we probably won't have any snow but cotton wool is a great substitute) or Make a Wintry picture using cold colours (blues, whites, etc)
  • Y3 / Y4 - Find out about an animal who hibernates in Winter and write a short piece telling us about the animal and how/why it hibernates (I'd love to hibernate!), or Draw/Colour/Make a Christmas present box or wrapping paper 🎁
  • Y5 / Y6 - Find out about the origins of giving gifts at Christmas and write a short piece telling us about it (speaking of gifts, I'm still waiting 30 years later for the pony I asked my parents for when I was 8 years old 😊) or Make / Draw / Colour a Christmas tree or tree decoration 🎄

Entries in by Friday 11 December
I'm very excited to see what you create. I know not everyone has Facebook - please do tell your parent friends and you can post on their behalf, with their permission of course. Or you can pop the entry in an envelope addressed to "Vicky COG Challenge" and hand it in at school and I will collect them safely on the closing date.


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