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Week beginning 1st June 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Well here we are at the end of the strangest half term in my career and our lives I believe.  Together we have achieved so much, children have had school learning, online learning, had the chance to collect weekly learning resources, sorted Free School Meal vouchers and supported one another through the first stage of this pandemic.  The Governors, Mrs Rumsby and I are so thankful to everyone, children, parents and staff for how we’ve worked together. 


Now to the next stage after half term.

We are awaiting the government’s confirmation on May 28th of whether the 5 key indicators have been met so that we can open to children of parents who have requested places in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 6 from 1st June onwards.


These families have received a letter to outline the rota plan and details of the practicalities when entering and leaving the premises each day. 


Please prepare your child for: 

a) All the measures we are taking, which include:

  • Rooms with up to 8 children, sitting at 2 metre distance
  • No paired/small group working
  • No resources coming to school from home (including pencil cases)
  • Individual resources – no sharing
  • Playtime is in their small group in a designated area
  • No contact games
  • 2 metre distance lunch places (25 is our maximum in the hall) or outside special place
  • Assembly either in small groups or as a whole at lunchtime tables.
  • No hugging
  • First Aid delivered with masks and gloves on
  • All staff wearing masks/face shield if within 2 metres.
  • Staggered entrance and leaving times
  • One-way system to enter and leave the site.
  • PE and swimming in their class groups
  • Not all their friends will be at school or in their group


b) For the possibility or starting on June 1st or a postponement of starting.


Please read the detail of entering and leaving the site, drop off and collection times as we have created a timetable that reduces contact and risks. There is a lot to prepare and we will be with you in this journey. 


We will continue to be open as normal for the Key Worker and Vulnerable children that have been attending since lockdown began.  With the school day staying at 8.45-3.15pm and the entrance and leaving point of the front playground staying the same, there is no change for these children apart from some relocating to different classes (EYFS children are not moving, Year 1 children will be in Year 2 Classroom, Year 2 and 3 children will be in 3M Classroom, Year 4 and 5 children will be in Year 4 Classroom). This is so that the current and newly arriving children will stay separated to avoid, as much as is possible, any contact.


Home Learning

Staff will continue to set online homework twice a week, which all children will be completing online at home and in school. The new projects for the half term will be launched and teacher’s will set three weekly challenges for children at home and in school. These will be on the class page of the website from Monday of each week.


For all other parents please continue to enter the site as normal to collect weekly learning resources but please avoid 8.30-9.30am and 2.45-3.30pm slots as children and parents will be coming and going.


Home learning resources.

Mrs Rumsby and I had lots of fun finding wonderful weekly resources for each family to enjoy, so please collect as normal.  The one from June 1st is a Dino Lab (I am hoping for a spare one to play with!)


These are only for the children who do not come into school on any day of the week, as children in school for any part of the week are using school resources.



Current Year 6 children’s parents have received the details of how to order an end of primary school hoodie, please look out for that.


Year 5 Children

After half term I will be writing to you all about the opportunity to have a special role in Year 6, there will be an application form and a presentation for you to send back.  More details soon.


Reception Class 2020

We will be writing to parents after half term to explain all the new arrangements for induction as we cannot have our planned Induction Evening on 11th June 2020.


I hope everyone enjoys a bit of relaxation time and keeps safe over the half term break.   School will start again on June 1st for our Key Worker Plus families and I will inform those in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 6 if the government has given the go ahead for us to start allowing the children to come in on the rota system on Friday 29th May 2020.


Kindest regards, Mrs Curtis

Scopay School Shop