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Week beginning 23.11.20

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have had a really good week exploring this year’s Anti-Bullying Theme of United Against Bullying. Through assemblies and lessons the children have explored all the ways to be kind and not bully and what to do if they see or experience it. Fatima has written a lovely poem for us all to enjoy


This week we moved on to Acts of Service (Kindness) in Me Time; the weekly lesson with me. What fun we all had as the children considered what was an act of service, and that cleaning their own bedroom, picking up their washing or dishes were not acts of service!  The criteria are that is intentional, unexpected and for others. I have set them 3 challenges this week to help them play their part: 1. Put dishes in the right place 2. Put clothes, clean and dirty, in the right place 3. Keep their bedroom tidy.  I look forward to hearing all about their progress next Wednesday and on the gate.


Remember this is one of the 5 Love Languages they all the children in Year 1 to 6 are learning about, they have learnt about Words of Encouragement and Quality Time. After Acts of Service we have Physical and Gifts.  Key Stage 1 have stories that explore the theme and this week we enjoyed “Five Minutes Peace” by Jill Murphy for quality time and began to think about Acts of Service.  We have copies of books for adults to borrow in the Parent/Carers lending library  There are lots of other books there that you may enjoy reading, fill in an online request form and we’ll send it home via your child.


We are planning our Christmas events for the children this year, which will include:

  • The Decorating Tree Assembly (in assembly bubbles) – yes we will have our huge child decorated tree in the hall.
  • Christmas Lunch (see below)
  • Christmas Jumper Day,
  • A Christmas Story video of words and songs that all the classes will take part in
  • An online Christmas Panto
  • Christmas Raffle


Next Friday is a Mufti Day to raise funds for prizes in the Christmas Raffle. Children can come to school in their own clothes if parents have paid £2 online through Scopay.  This money will be used to buy great raffle prizes. Thank you to everyone who has been selling and buying tickets, there are plenty left in the office so please ask if you can sell some more.  All funds will go towards playground fun for the children.


Nursery 2 Teacher

With Mrs Jones leaving in the middle of January (15th) to have her first child we have appointed a new teacher Mrs Wade who will be joining us from the start of January. This will enable us to provide a fortnight of handover for them both so that the children (and parents/carers) are very comfortable with the change.  


Parent/Teacher Meetings online on Wednesday 9th December

Our bookings are open for parent/teacher meetings on this day. The school will be closed so that the teachers can hold a 15-minute online meeting with you at a good time of day that suits everyone.  Please book in a slot through and then log back in on the day of your meeting and it will automatically take you to your teacher at the time of your appointment.

Watch the video to find out more and read the attached guide.



The children are loving swimming every week so we will carry on for the rest of the term, this will only change if the weather becomes too cold.


Gate Access

Now our new gates are up and working they are timed to open and close at various points in the school day.  If you are onsite and leaving during the school day, there is an adult height exit button near the pedestrian gate.


Our new electronic gates will be closed after 4.40pm. So if you collect children from Funzone between 4.40pm and 6pm and have registered for Funzone by completing the Terms and Conditions, you will be able enter the code emailed to you today.  Alternatively press the buzzer and the Funzone team will respond.  If you have not received the code but use Funzone then complete the Terms and Conditions document to be given access to it.  The gate code can be used on the vehicle and pedestrian gates.


Coming Up

  • Menu Week 3
  • Wednesday 25th November – Deadline for Nasal Flu Vaccination.
  • Thursday 26th November is the last day to order Christmas Lunch (See below).
  • Friday 27th November is Mufti day for the PTA. Donate on Scopay


Nasal Flu Vaccination Reception – Year 6

If you have not already done so, please complete the e-consent form for your child’s flu vaccination at:  (Ash Granges’ unique code/URN number is SR125116 which you will need to enter on to the flu consent form) by 4pm on Thursday 26th November.


Christmas Lunch – Book on Scopay Now!

If you would like your child to have the Christmas Lunch please book (and pay if applicable) on Scopay by Tuesday 1st December.  Details on how to choose your child’s lunch are available at


Roast Turkey with Chipolata Sausage, Stuffing & Gravy (Red Choice)


Cheese, Sweet Potato and Parsnip Tart (Green Choice)

Served with Roast Potatoes, Carrots, Peas & Brussel Sprouts

Followed by

Strawberry & Vanilla Ice Cream Pots


Reception to Year 6 will have their special School Christmas Lunch on Friday 11th December.


Nursery 1 and 2 will be having their Christmas Lunch on Thursday 10th December (for those who normally attend on that day). Children who are normally collected at 12noon can stay until 1pm on this day if they book a Christmas Lunch.  There is no packed lunch option for anyone on this day.


Lockdown Number 2 Reminder

Thank-you all so much for your ongoing support of the social distancing safety measures in place on the school site, which are working so well.


So until the end of the national lockdown on December 2nd (all being well):

  • Only one adult per family to drop off/collect children. Where possible make this the same person each day and do not bring other children from your family unless there is no-one else to look after that child.
  • Please do not send older siblings to collect children unless you have no alternative.
  • When waiting to drop off or collect your child keep your distance from anyone from a different family.


Keep well, kind regards,

Mrs Marie Curtis

Scopay School Shop