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Week beginning 23rd March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we prepare to enter the next phase of this pandemic it is important that you are fully informed about all the changes.


As you know the government have directed schools to close at the end of Friday until further notice. We have no idea how long this will last; we know it is for the next month including Easter we Will then wait to be informed of a return to school date but fully expect to return at some point in the summer term.   


From Monday we will be running classes, one for Early Years/Key Stage 1, and one for Key Stage 2 to enable parents who are key workers and have no safe alternative care to be able to work.  In addition, at Ash Grange we are also supporting families who may lose their job or earnings if they do not attend work.  All parents/carers were contacted on Thursday 19th March to find out if they are entitled to this and if they want it.  We have approximately 50 children coming to school from Monday.


The children will be taught by our school staff; every member of staff is on a school rota and has specific slots of work every week.  Children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 will be in the Year 1 room, Children in Key Stage 2 will be in the Year 6 room; all children come into school (8.45am) at the front entrance by the office and leave at 3.20pm through the same door.


Children are expected to come to school in uniform with their PE kit, Swimming kits and lunch.  Key Stage 1 and Free School Meal entitled children will have a packed lunch provided, all other families will be able to order a packed lunch and pay through Scopay as normal, if required.  Each day we will have sports, online learning (set by their Classteacher), creative projects, reading and other lovely activities. Each day will have a special something: Monday and Friday is Premier Sports, Tuesday and Thursday is Swimming with Mr Cooper and Wednesday is Music with Mrs Haygarth and Sports afternoon.  We want to keep those learning muscles working and have fun too.


Children not coming to school and learning at home, have a wide variety of learning opportunities to choose from each day.  Teachers will be setting new home learning tasks/activities on a Monday and Thursday each week.  In addition, they will identify activities and websites for children to enjoy.  Go to the class page for your child and see all the wonderful things that the teachers are putting up.


  • Parents/carers of Preschool, Nursery and Reception Class remember to use your I-connect/ParentZone account to see all the contents.
  • In addition:
    • Mathletics (Reception to Year 6)
    • Readiwrite (Year 1 to 6)
    • Reading Eggs/Eggspress (Reception to Year 6)
    • Timestable Rock Stars (Year 2 to 6)
  • Teachers are sending home books to read and additional items as selected for the children.
  • All learning will be sent electronically, please ensure you have all the details of passwords to be able to access this.  If you require reminders then call the office, Monday to Friday 8.45am-3.20pm.


If you do not have a device to access this home learning there are a small number of devices available for loan.  These will be given on a first come first served basis, contact the office to arrange collection and signing of the letting agreement.


Parents/Carers who have a child who is entitled to a free school meal have been contacted with the information about the meal on offer during the partial closure of the school.   I encourage you to take advantage of this offer for which you are entitled, food and money shortages make this very valuable.  Whatever your decision please make sure you complete the form sent out so that we can cater for your family’s wishes.  


At a time of social distancing I want us to feel connected in our community so each week there will be a whole school challenge (posted on Facebook, each class page and in the weekly newsletter).  There will be resources to collect from school and then it would be wonderful if parents/carers could post on our Facebook page images of your children doing the challenge.


Our first weekly challenge is Planting Week, from Monday each family can pop into school and collect 2 packets of seeds, one each of flower and vegetable .  It is not warm enough yet to plant seeds outside so this is ideal for a windowsill.  Children can use any container with holes for water to drain and any soil (seeds do not need special soil) and then get planting.  Children can experiment with places and methods, there can be family competitions for growing.  Take some photos of them getting messy and developing their green fingers! We’ll see who is a great gardener.


We will be returning to school at some point so it is important that the children have a daily routine, it also helps separate week days from weekends.  There are some structured day images that we have found for you below.


Other wonderful websites:


  • PE with Joe, this is the Body Coach who we use in school with the children.  Every day at 9am on his YOUTUBE channel: The Body Coach TV. He is going to be the nation’s PE teacher, creating wonderful exercise routines for the children to follow at home. 
  • Premier Sports will have links to activities, these will be on the website
  • For Year 5 there will be online Little Voices lessons that the children can log into, this will be emailed to you.  They will be able to keep up with their preparations for their recitals later in the year.

I ask you all to keep yourself safe and well, listen to and follow the government advice, they are trying to keep us protected and well.  If you become unwell, follow the advice and self-isolate, get the help you need.  If you have a need and no-one to help, we are here, we offer our support, we have access to a School Councillor and can be a listening ear.


We will be open every day of the week, including the Easter holidays to provide schooling and support to you all.   We are in this together, travelling this unknown road together, sharing love and kindness wherever we can, this will pass. 


I am so very proud of how the children have coped with this and how the staff have worked tirelessly to prepare your children for this next phase.  On behalf of the staff and Governors we wish you all well, keep in touch, stay safe.


See you soon, kindest regards,

Mrs Curtis



Dates Ahead

All events are postponed until school returns fully.


Reports – these will be sent out electronically next week, if you require a paper copy please contact the office team.

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