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Week beginning 25th November 2019

It is now time to start gearing up for Christmas at school.  Nativity and choir rehearsals have begun, Christmas tree decorations are being made and Christmas lunch crowns are here ready to decorate.  For environmental and noise factors we are not having crackers at the lunch, children will be decorating their own crowns.  The PTA have been very busy preparing items for the Fayre: 


Christmas Mufti Day and PTA Request

On Friday we have our Mufti Day in return for a bottle, chocolates or £2 donation. Please take these to your child’s classroom so they can be gathered together and checked off.  These items will go towards the Christmas Fayre on 6th December.


The PTA have also requested the following items for the Fayre; these can be dropped off at the school office any time before Friday 6th December.

  • new toys,
  • sweets (wrapped)
  • unwanted gifts
  • Cakes (please bring in on the day)


Looking slightly further ahead the PTA are also gathering chipped or broken crockery for a stall in the summer. If you have any to donate, please pop them in at the school office.

We have been donated many items but they are too good to smash! We will be putting these out in the front playground on Monday after school – please help yourself.


Afterschool Clubs

This week is the last week of afterschool clubs, we hope the children have enjoyed their choices and we thank the staff for giving up their time to run them over the autumn term.  Spring clubs will be chosen in January, the list will come out to families and choices made at school.  This will be for children who have not been to an autumn club and those who were not absent from chosen clubs in the autumn term.


Parents Reading workshop

I am running an additional Parents Reading Workshop on Thursday at 9am. Please contact the office to sign up.


Christmas Lunch Deadline

An E-form was sent home to school parents to choose your child’s Christmas lunch for Friday 13th December. Please ensure this is completed and returned by Wednesday 27th November.


Tuck Sale

We have our afterschool tuck sale on Friday on the playground. Paper bags of sweets are 50p, however if you bring your own reusable container you’ll get a slightly larger scoop of sweets for your 50p!  Sweets will be on sale on both playgrounds.  There will be a sugar free alternative.


Vandalism at Ash Grange

Sadly we have seen several acts of vandalism at Ash Grange which have been reported to the police. These have resulted in damage which incur additional costs as well as extra work and disruption throughout the school.


The first incident involved people trying to obtain access to the school roof. In doing so they broke a water fountain which we will now have to replace.


The second incident involved a marble being catapulted at the Year 3 classroom window. Members of staff were in the room at the time but thankfully no one was injured. The marble has been retrieved intact and has been sent to police forensics for analysis.


We would ask all members of our community to be vigilant and let us and the police know of any incidents. The non-emergency contact number for the police is 101.



MarvellousMe has upgraded their Parent app this week. This new version delivers a 30-day News Centre (the number one feature parents have been asking for!), fixes notification bugs and includes other improvements.


You may have already seen an email from MarvellousMe however, if you haven’t already done so, it is essential that you follow the below:

  • Check your device is running the latest operating software.
  • Update the MarvellousMe app via the App Store or Google Play.
    • To do this, type ‘MarvellousMe’ into the search bar, click on the ‘MarvellousMe for Parents’ icon and select ‘update’.
    • Your phone may have already updated MarvellousMe automatically in which case it will just have an ‘open’ button.
  • Open the MarvellousMe Parent app then
    • Tap ‘Settings’
    • Toggle the ‘Get device notifications’ switch off and back on again. Even if it shows as ‘On', you must switch it ‘Off' and ‘On’ once. This step is particularly important to ensure you receive MarvellousMe notifications going forward and benefit from the upgrade.


Please refer to the guide attached or contact MarvellousMe directly through the ‘User Guide & Help’ section in the app if you need any support.


Primary School Admissions for September 2020

Parents of children born between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2016, it is now time to apply for a Reception place for September 2020 at The closing date to submit your primary application is 15th January 2020.


Parent Teacher Meetings – Wednesday 11th December (8am-7pm)

Booking for the above is  online at

The school will be closed to pupils on the day, however during the day 8.30am -3.30pm, there will be a crèche in the hall for school aged children (sorry we are unable to accommodate younger siblings) for the duration of your meeting.

Please do come to the school office if you need help booking.


Week beginning 25th November 2019

School Dinners - Week 1



  • Year 6 Height/weight measurements
  • 1.30-3pm Community Stay & Play for under 5’s
  • LAST WEEK of Running Club till 4.15pm


  • LAST WEEK of Afterschool Clubs - Collect at 4.15pm from the side playground.


  • 1.30-3pm Community Stay & Play for under 5’s


  • 9am Parent Reading Workshop – all welcome


  • Mufti-Day, when children can wear their own clothes to school if they bring a  Bottles/Chocs or £2 donation
  • 8am Gymnastics club Y1-6 – book at
  • 9am Sharing and Learning Stars Assembly
  • Tuck Sale after school – Bring your own container for more sweet treats!
  • 3.20-4.20pm Football Y3-6 – book at 
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