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Week beginning 4th February 2019

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For Children’s Mental Health Week 2019 we’re taking steps to be Healthy: Inside and Out.


When we think about healthy living, we tend to focus on looking after our bodies – our physical wellbeing – through food, being active and getting enough sleep. However, in order to be healthy overall, it’s important that we look after our minds – our mental wellbeing – too.


Our bodies and minds are actually very closely linked, so things that we do to improve our physical wellbeing can help our mental wellbeing as well. When we take steps to be Healthy: Inside and Out, it helps us to feel better in ourselves, focus on what we want to do and deal with difficult times. Find out more at


Menu Choice Week 2


Monday 4th February



  • Internet Safety Day – Find out more at
  • Afterschool club night. Please collect your child from the main playground at 4.15pm.



  • 8-9am Netball club training





  • Change of Menu – BBQ Chicken, Mac & Cheese or Jacket Potato
  • Project Homework due in.
  • 9am Year 1 Assembly 9am – all parent/carers welcome
  • Premiere Football Club 3.30-4.20pm. Parents/carers please collect from the school front door entrance.
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