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Week beginning 8.2.21

Well what a cold week, hope you all managed to stay warm; makes us all appreciate all we have in our warm homes.  Here we are at the end of a very unexpected half term, but what fantastic achievements have been made by everyone. Throughout Lockdown 3 staff and parents/carers have ensured that all the children of the nursery and school have had wonderful learning opportunities.  Through work packs, online lessons and learning platforms the children have kept up with their studies and when they return to normal school, hopefully very soon, they will be moving on with their learning. 

You fantastic parents and carers have been utterly brilliant; I wonder if anyone is now thinking of a career change to teaching!


Half term is a great time to come off schedules, to be creative and not tied down to any time frames – if you fancy doing something different here are some ideas:

  1. Scavenger hunt hikes
  2. Quarantine time capsule
  3. Nature walks and crafts
    • Spotting mushrooms, collecting pine cones, getting your bearings from moss – it usually grows on the north side of trees – and following animal tracks all add interest to a walk.
    • Hundreds of blogs and books give ideas: suggests a game where a blindfolded person is led to a tree to feel, moved away, then asked to guess which tree it was when the blindfold is removed.
    • Creating fairy outfits from leaves and flowers to building a potion lab from bits founds in the garden or park and turning logs into dragons.
  4. Embrace the dark. 
    • Look up at the night sky or join a virtual astronomy session. One of the few advantages this lockdown has over last spring’s is the chance for children to be out in the dark without staying up past bedtime. A few obvious constellations and some space science for stargazing can soon be learned from stargazing apps, websites and books such as National Geographic’s childrens’ space hub, and, which has monthly printable maps of the night sky. Older kids can study astronomy and astrophotography through online events at the upcoming Northumberland Dark Skies festival (12-21 February).
  5. Family portraits made from different materials, inside and out of the home
  6. Easter Card challenge
    • Ash Parish Council is inviting all its residents to create their own Easter card designs and send them to the Council for the winners to be decided by public vote.  Details at  There will be Easter prizes for the winners and copies of the cards will be delivered to care homes within the Parish following the closure of the competition.
    • To enter simply make your Easter card design on an A5 (148mm x 210mm) sheet of paper or card. Entries can either be scanned / photographed and attached via email or delivered to the Parish office. All entries will be displayed on the Ash Parish Council website (


Weekly Challenge for children

Here are this week’s challenge and don’t forget over the half term break to do some self-expressions in art or crafts from Mental Health week – keep on looking after yourself and those you know and love.

  • See Picture below


More Chromebooks

The government has provided us with 14 more Chromebooks that we can loan to families who have regularly accessed the online learning. If you would like to secure a loan of a Chromebook then please contact the school office. Machines will be allocated on a first come first served basis and only for those who have attended the majority of online learning sessions.


Attendance figures for the best lessons attended last week are below and much improved, thank you.  Any families not engaging with online learning will be contacted this week to address this immediately to avoid the Local Authority’s involvement.


Early Years: Nursery 1 is 77%, Nursery 2 is 93% , Reception is 97%,

Key Stage 1: Year 1 is 97%, Year 2 is 93%

Key Stage 2: Year 3 is 93%, Year 4M is 88%, Year 4P is 92%, Year 5 is 100%, Year 6 is 90%

Congratulations to the winners in each Key Stage – Reception, Year 1 and 2, Year 5

Wow Year 5 are the first class to have a 100% attended lesson (many classes are in the 90’s and well done for all of those)


Pack 4

Today - Friday, 12th February is the collection day for the next pack which the children will need for lessons starting after half term (Monday 22nd February). Packs of learning materials can be collected at any of the times below from the back of the hall, the teachers will be on hand, outside of live online lesson times, to chat with.

If your child has reading books for swapping then please bring them along.


Collections are from the back of the hall and timings are:

10-10.30 am, 11.30-12 noon, 1.30-2 pm, 3-3.30 pm, 4-4.30 pm,

5-5.30 pm (note this is the final slot of the day)


The staff are using the assignment feature on teams more and more, in addition to the paper resources so that the children can complete and share work more easily.


Meal Vouchers

Surrey are providing vouchers to those families who are eligible for Free School Meals or Early Years Pupil Premium over the half term, to the same amount as normal £15 per week. This is only for Free School Meal children not for those in Key Stage 1 entitled to a meal when at school, this payment will resume after half term.


Great Websites

For big brothers and sisters:

Do you have a teenager who might need some extra support? 

Here is a great site sponsored by Bupa with advice and interviews with Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Nicky Lilly



We know that we are spending much more time online than we would normally do. Whilst being online has kept us all connected, we want everyone to stay safe online.  We've updated our website with some great links and useful information to help keep you and your family safe and healthy at all times, not just during Lockdown - take a look at


Monday was Safer Internet Day and this year's theme was Can You Tell Fact from Fiction?

There are lots of activities available for your whole family at


We'd also suggest downloading the National Online Safety’s FREE app - It’s a one-stop-shop for parents to learn everything they need to know about the latest apps, games and devices used by children




If you have an internet site to recommend, then please let me or the office team know and we’ll share with others.


I wish you all a safe and healthy half term, enjoy the time and warmer weather; see you all on Monday 22nd February for online lessons. 


Thank you for all you have done this half term, have a well-earned rest!

Kindest regards,

Mrs Curtis

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