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Week beginning 9th September 2019

Dear Parents/Carers


Welcome to the new academic year, we hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer break.  We have been very busy over the summer making improvements to the school with the new wood effect flooring now completed throughout the school and redecoration of all the paintwork in the corridors.  The teaching teams have prepared the classrooms; which look lovely.  What a joy it was to see all the smiling faces, grown bodies and smart children on Thursday.


As we did last year, we will be holding the new year talks to parents on Monday, as published in the calendar, this is an important 20-30-minute meeting for a parent to attend (there will be a crèche for the children to go into for both meetings).  The Classteacher will tell you all about the learning expectations for the year ahead and details of the trips and events.  The timings for the meetings are 3.25pm or 7pm, so please select the time that works for you, come to your child’s class and send your child/ren to the hall.


We have a change to the staffing plan as Mrs Paine has secured a new post in the Children’s Services team, we are delighted for her success but so sorry to lose her, she has been a wonderful member of the team; her last day is October 2nd.  So Miss Doyle who is off travelling from half term is taking on the role of Learning Assistant in Year 4 till then. We will be recruiting in the coming weeks.




Learning Assistant


Room Leader:

Mrs Bell

Mrs Pemberton, Mr Rattan

& Ms Watts (SEN LSA)


Mrs Haygarth (Monday – Wednesday am) & Ms Sawyer (Wednesday pm to Friday)

Mrs Burgess


Mrs Mohammad (Wed-Fri)

& Mrs Rumsby (Mon-Tues)

Mrs Southall + & Ms Watts (SEN LSA)

Year 1

Miss Bicknell

(Teacher in training) Miss Skinner & Miss Soane (SEN LSA)

Year 2

Miss Gibbins

Miss Schofield

Year 3H

Miss Hopkins

Mrs Anderson (mornings) & Ms Beedie (afternoons)

Year 3M

Miss Mole

Mr Terry, Mrs Paine (LSA until the start of October)

Year 4

Mrs Chantler

Miss Doyle (until Autumn half term)

Year 5

Miss Horton

Mrs Newcombe

Year 6

Mrs Jones

Miss Cox


The school timings are:

Preschool and Nursery 9-12/3pm (no admittance after 9.15am and no early collections)

Key Stage 1 is 8.45-3.15am

Key Stage 2 is 8.45-3.20pm. 

Children need to enter through their class entrance point, parents can pass any messages to the adult on duty at the door.



The Parent Calendar is all on the website.  In addition, there is a Parent Handbook which contains lots of important information about school life, this year’s priorities and opportunities.  I will share more of this in the coming weeks.


Marvellous Me is being relaunched at the start of the year, remember you can share this password with up to 6 devices so wider family members can hear all about your children’s great news. Each week there will be a badge your child can earn and a learning activity that will be share by the teacher so you know more about what your child has learnt in that week.   The homework is also sent through this device and throughout September only we will provide a paper copy whilst setups are being sorted.


We are running some surgery times for different resources like I-Connect, Marvellous Me and anything else you would like to have some advice and guidance to use.  We are starting with Marvellous Me, so if you are not set up and would like support with this, please come to the drop-in on Thursday 12th September at either 9am or 2.45pm, all you need is your phone and code, we will get you set up.  Come to the office area.


Reading Records


We have been reviewing the impact of reading records on reading and decided it’s time for a change.  We want you to be reading with your child, every day, in fun, enjoyable ways; not spending time on the reading record.


You are aware of your child’s reading targets from reports and certificates, in addition it will be added to Marvellous Me at the start of each half term and when your child changes colour.  Most children take a term to complete a reading colour.  As you read with your child remind yourself of their targets, help them to read the book and check their understanding; this is needed for younger and older children.  With older children being curious about their reading is so encouraging.


There is no change in expectation, every day counts, it is what builds imagination, creativity, enjoyment and language for speaking, reading and writing.  The teaching team will still be reading with your child every day, supporting and challenging them to achieve their potential.


There are a few other things to mention:


  • School clubs will be back to a Tuesday after school, with the exception of Running on Mondays, Elite KS1 and KS2 swimming on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.    In response to the 4 parents who shared how much their children had missed the clubs and feedback from the children, there will be clubs for Year 1 to 6.  Children will choose their club at school in the second week of term and clubs will begin on the week commencing 23rd September.  There will be a strict policy of attendance at school clubs as staff give up a lot of time to run these for your children.  Two absences without medical evidence will result in your child losing their place at the club and a loss of place on any school club in the following term.


  • In addition, Premier Sports will be running a Gymnastic Club on a Friday morning before school and a Rugby Club on a Friday afterschool; these are paid for by parents directly to Premiere Sports.  These clubs will begin from Friday 13th September.  Please see attached flyers


  • Swimming lessons start from the 11th September, Reception-Year 2 on Wednesdays, Year 3-6 on Thursdays.


  • New to Year 6 parents can give permission for your children to walk home without you, please come to the office to complete the form.


Unfortunately, the wonderful Prince William Award that Year 4 enjoyed last year has been taken into administration and so we will not be having this any longer.  We will of course look out for an alternative opportunity for Year 4.


A parent has suggested a great idea with Funzone, a half session after school for those families that just need a little extra childcare.  This will run from afterschool till 4.30pm, there will be no tea during this time and cost £4.  We will still offer the full session till 6pm with a tea served at 4.30pm.  We will trial this to half term and see the level of interest and usage.  You can book Funzone at the office or online.


I am looking forward to the first meeting of the PTA and Parent Council on 24th September, everyone is welcome to come along, you are not going to be signed up to anything you don’t want to do. 


Happy new term, here’s to a wonderful year of Caring, Learning and Shining.


Kind regards,

Mrs Curtis



Week beginning 9th September 2019



  • An important meeting for you to attend when you will meet the staff in your child’s class and find out more about the new curriculum and experiences your child will be having this year when you attend the presentations in each class next week.  There will be 2 presentations at 3.20pm or 7pm (both will have crèche for children in the hall).




  • No Clubs this week


  • Swimming lessons for years 1 & 2 (Reception start 18/9). Parents please ensure your child has full kit in school - trunks/costume, hat, towel and suitable footwear (flip flops or crocs are ideal) to walk to and from the pool.



  • Swimming lessons for years 3,4,5 & 6. Parents please ensure your child has full kit in school - trunks/costume, hat, towel and suitable footwear (flip flops or crocs are ideal) to walk to and from the pool.
  • 9am or 2.45pm – MarvellousMe drop-in session. Bring your phone and code, we will get you set up!



  • 8am-8.45am Gymnastics club Y3-6 – Please book with Premier Education  (see attached flyer)
  • 9am School Councillor Assembly and Star Learners
  • 3.20pm-4.20pm Tag Rugby Y3-6 – Please book with Premier Education  (see attached flyer)




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