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Year 5 parents/carers - change of policy for mornings and after school in Year 6

Dear Parents/Carers,


Claire as your Parent Rep raised the matter of the change to Year 6 coming into school alone in the mornings and walking home from the start of the year, through  Parent Council and we met to discuss this today.


Firstly, this change is only due to all children’s safety issues not any behaviour issues.  Year 5 are a wonderful year and if we have issues with individuals, it would be raised with those individuals.  This is not a one year policy this is our policy going forward for all years at Ash Grange when they enter Year 6.


The operating of the school is my decision not controlled by the Local Authority, Ofsted or the DfE.  School hours are 8.45-3.15/3.20pm, it is my decision to open the gates earlier, but staff are not on duty until 8.45am.  We do provide Funzone for parents at a very reasonable price for anyone with work commitments and of course I know there is often a parent looking after a group of children; this can continue.


Recent intelligence shared by police has raised concerns for primary aged children generally across Surrey and as a result we reviewed our policy to ensure that the children are less likely to be profiled as being alone and vulnerable.  I wanted to give you as much notice of the change as possible.


I am very concerned that parents are stating that they will be abandoning their children before 8.45am outside of the school grounds, if this is seen it will be reported to the correct agency as your child is your responsibility until handed to the school staff during school hours.


In preparation for Secondary School the children will have the option to walk home in the summer term and I would be open to the children coming into school for the last half term of the summer term when they have developed their road and stranger safety. 


Kind regards,
Mrs Curtis

Scopay School Shop