An update email has been sent to Parent / Carers following the Government's Lockdown announcement on 4th January. Further information will follow.
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Nursery Classes

Nursery 1 Class (2-3 Years)

You can contact us with questions through

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Bell, Mrs Pemberton and Mrs Watts

Nursery 2 Class (3-4 Years)

You can contact us with questions through

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Jones, Mrs Wade and Mrs Burgess

Our Current Topic is 'Did Dragons exist?'


The new projects run for the first half of the Spring term. Below are a list of ideas for our project, try one of these or something else project related.

  • Using an old cereal box make a shield and sword

  • Thread pasta onto string to make the Queen’s jewellery

  • Design your own dragon Draw a picture of a castle


We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which uses continuous play and exploration to learn. Adults plan both adult led and child initiated activities that enable the children to develop social skills, self confidence and independence in a range of contexts. 


At Ash Grange we encourage our children to get messy and have fun outside in all weathers therefore we ask that your child is dressed in appropriate clothing suitable for the various activities and all weathers.


Please remember in case of accidents and wet play all children need

  • a spare set of clothes and pants which remain at school
  • Wellies
  • No laces on shoes, velcro fastenings are ideal for this age.

ParentZone (I-Connect) is a communication app for Early Years Families, to share targets, progress and achievements in their Learning Journey. Parents can use this to share achievements at home. Families are provided with a unique password which they set up once at

Please contact the school office if you need support.

School Trips


Nursery 2 class will be visiting the following:

  • TBC
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