W/C 16.5.2022 - - - Monday: Community Stay and Play, Clubs - - - Tuesday: Y3/4 Rounders Squad Training - - - Wednesday to Friday: Oakwood Residential (No Y5/6 Athletics or Cricket Clubs)- - - Friday: Community Stay and Play
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Oakwood Residential May 2022

Parent/Carer information for Oakwood Residential

Oakwood Residential – Answers to questions


Can we go and visit beforehand if my child is anxious?

Oakwood have a climbing centre which is open to the public that you can visit.

The address is: Oakwood Climbing Centre, Waterloo Road, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 3DA.

There is also lots of information they can look at on the Oakwood website:


There are two times shown on the PowerPoints for arrival – which one is it?

Please arrive at 8:15am on the Wednesday morning.


Will children be asked to take a COVID-19 test before the residential.

As per government guidelines, children will not be asked to take a test before going. However, if there is a school or local outbreak immediately before Oakwood, children will be asked to test. Like you would for school, if your child is unwell, please do not send them to Oakwood.


What is the food like if my child is a fussy eater? Can I send them with snacks?

Oakwood are well experienced in providing for school groups and will cook their meals with children in mind. There will only be one choice per meal with provision made for medical/vegetarian needs. Children cannot bring snacks with them as they will be in close proximity with others who may have allergies.


My child struggles to sleep at night, what will happen at Oakwood?

Children attending need to be able to settle themselves to sleep without affecting the experience of others. They will be sleeping with lights out and no devices at around 9:30pm so please ensure they have practised this before the residential. A sleepover at a friend or relative’s house could be great way to get ready!


What do we need to bring? Do they need a torch?

A full kit list will be sent out. Please do not feel you need to go out and buy anything new for this experience.


Who will my child be in a tent and group with? Will an adult sleep in the room with them?

Children will sleep in single gender, single year group rooms with Year 5 in dormitories and Year 6 in adventure tents. They will then be in mixed groups during the day for activities.

The school adults will make the decision about groupings in the weeks before the trip, taking needs into account to make sure the balance is right for all children. Children will find out their rooms on arrival to Oakwood.

Adults do not sleep in the room with children for safeguarding purposes but will be in adjoining rooms or the tent next door. 


Can my child bring a phone in case they need to contact me when they’re worried?

Children will not be allowed to bring any kind of electronic device with them and these will be confiscated if found. If a child is really distressed or you need to be contacted for any reason, the school will do this. All staff will have a phone with them.


If my child gets a social story before trips, will they get one for Oakwood?

Yes – this will be shared with them in the days before the residential.


Oakwood also provide their own Frequently Asked Questions guide which is available here:

Items needed for Oakwood Residential Trip


Please find below a list of things your child will need to bring with them on the residential trip to Oakwood.


Remember any medicines that your child requires need to be given to Mrs Cox on the Wednesday morning before leaving for Oakwood.


Travel sickness tablets may be given before you leave home on Wednesday. Please provide Mrs Cox with enough medication for travelling Friday. All medication must be named and in a zippy bag. 


  • Shampoo
  • Shower gel
  • Deodorant (not Aerosol)
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Flannel
  • Towel
  • Sun cream
  • Sanitary products (as required)
  • Hairbrush/ties



  • 4 x underwear sets/socks
  • 2 x trainers
  • 3 x old t-shirt and trousers (tracksuit/leggings – not jeans or shorts)
  • 1 x hoodie/sweatshirt
  • Evening chill out clothes (jeans are okay)
  • Pyjamas
  • Sun hat
  • Waterproof coat
  • Flip flops/Crocs for showers



  • Duvet/Sleeping bag and pillow (sheets are provided)
  • Water bottle
  • Any required medication, including travel sickness tablets (labelled and given to Mrs Cox on the morning of the trip)
  • Reading book if wanted


Items not needed: Food (apart from the packed lunch you need to supply for the Wednesday), Mobile phones, Electronic devices, Money, Valuables eg. jewellery.

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