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Parent Handbook

This is the information section so you are aware of expectations and guidelines.  If you feel there is any valuable information missing, please inform the office so improvements can be made in the future. If you want to know more about any aspect of the calendar or school life please come and discuss it with the school staff, Deputy or Headteacher.

Lunchtime (School Dinners)

Full details are available on the School Lunches page.



This is a celebration app that we use to share your child’s marvellous achievements in the form of badges with you and family members (6 links available per family).  Families are provided with a unique password which they set up once at


Staff are not permitted to administer medication to a child except in life-threatening circumstances.

If a child is so unwell that medication is required, then they must be kept at home until fit to return.

In exceptional circumstances parents can arrange for medicines to be taken under supervision by agreement of the Headteacher. Parents must provide written permission and instructions and deliver the medication in dosage containers. The child must be able to take their own medication in the school office under the supervision of a member of staff. If a child has a medical condition that may require emergency medication, parents must provide this medication which will be kept in the class medication bag with the class at all times. Medication is always taken on a trip. 

Parents are responsible for ensuring the medicine is in date at all times.

Mobile Phones

Children are not permitted to have a mobile phone at school.  If it is vital to their safety walking to or from school in Year 6, it must be brought to the office (turned off) at the start of the school day where it is kept until the end of the day (at the owner’s risk). Parents, volunteers/visitors must turn off their phone during their visit to the school.

Mufti Day

A non-uniform day when children can wear clothes of the theme or come in school uniform; this is often a way to raise money for different charities or to promote our Fayres.

Notices and Newsletters

Each week parents receive the Week Ahead email which contains important information about school events. Please ensure the office have a contact email address.

There are digital signage and noticeboards in the playground and at the office entrance to share any key messages and as a general information service.

Open Morning/Afternoon

This is a time when the school is open to visitors, prospective families and our current parents to see all the wonderful opportunities and experiences the children have at Ash Grange.  Y6 run refreshments for visitors to enjoy. 


Parent/Teacher Progress Review Meetings (Parents Evening)

  1. There is a 2-year-old check meeting with Preschool team members at the appropriate time.
  2. At the start of each school year the new Classteacher meets with the class parents/cares as a whole, at 2 separate opportunities, to share learning, opportunities and expectations for the year ahead.  Please make the time to come to the events, which have crèche facilities.
  3. First half term of each term – an optional parent meeting is available for you to explore your child’s progress and any needs.  Parents are to approach the class teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time.
  4. Second half of each term – a formal meeting to explore your child’s progress over the term, to discuss next steps and receive the termly progress report; a parent is expected to attend a meeting. Please sign up for a meeting via the online system, you are notified when this opens via the Week Ahead.  To enable productive meetings, the school is closed on the full day of progress meetings with a crèche facility in the hall for parents to drop children and siblings off ahead of the meetings.  There are also later meetings in the early evening, but there are no crèche facilities for these meetings. 

If at any point you have a concern then please raise them with the Classteacher or Senior Staff member as soon as possible, do not wait until Parents’ Evening to raise the concern, the sooner it is sorted the better.  If you want to book a meeting then please contact the school.

ParentZone by I-Connect

This is a communication app for Early Years families (Preschool, Nursery and Reception) to share targets, progress and achievements in their Learning Journey.  Parents can use this to share achievements at home.  Families are provided with a unique password which they set up once at

Pencil Cases

Children in Key Stage 2 can bring in a pencil case for use at school.  Tippex is not allowed.  Writing pens must be blue or black ink, please avoid biros as they have a tendency to leak.  School awarded fountain pens are not permitted to go home so they are ready for the next lesson.


Preschool and Nursery – Sing along in class to celebrate Christmas, for parents to attend.

Reception to Year 2 Nativity.  All parents are welcome to attend

Year 3 – Harvest Tea Party, exclusively for Y3 parents

Year 4 – Easter Assembly.  All parents are welcome to attend Holy Angels church for the performance.

Year 5 – Concert in the summer term, all parents are welcome to attend.

Year 6 – End of Year Show.   All parents are welcome to attend.


The children are photographed as individuals and with school aged siblings in the Autumn term and in a whole class group in the Summer Term.   Parents are shown a proof copy from which they decide if they want to buy their own copy.

Children are photographed for learning and promotion purposes, parents choose to sign this agreement for this each year.


All school policies are agreed by the staff and governors and are available for parents to read online, if a paper copy is required please contact the admin team.

Parent/Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA is a parent and teacher association at Ash Grange and to which all parents are automatic members. They get together as a group to organise fundraising and social events. See the Facebook group and school calendar for dates and the PTA page more details.

Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSE)

The children have a weekly PSHE lesson with the Classteacher to cover the National Curriculum, in additional to Social, Emotional, Mental and Physical Well-being lessons.  These provide the children with the opportunities to understand their roles and responsibilities in relation to themselves, others and the wider community. 


Key aspects of the Sex Education Curriculum are taught in age appropriate ways to different years:

  • YR – Pants are Private (Pantosaurus)
  • Y1 - Stranger danger and personal safety


Y2-5 classes in line with the Sex Education Policy have growing up talks led by the Classteacher.

  • Y2 My body – what does it look like? who should touch it?
    • Aim 1: To understand that your own body is special and unique, e.g. fingerprints, eye colour, hair colour, etc…  
    • Aim 2: To know who can/should touch your body and how, e.g. doctor for health checks, family for washing, etc.
  • Y3 Stranger danger – how to be safe 
    • Aim 1: To identify strangers e.g. unknown to a family, school.
    • Aim 2: To explore how to be safe from strangers, e.g. not walking alone, going off with strangers, getting help
  • Y4 Saying no to someone – standing up not alone
    • Aim 1: To explore what should children say no to, e.g. dangerous activities for self and others.
    • Aim 2: To know how to get help if someone is doing something you do not like, e.g. who to tell and how
  • Y5 Labels – stereotypes and differences 
    • Aim 1: To explore positive labels, e.g. praise and congratulations labels. 
    • Aim 2: To explore bad, labels and their impact, e.g. racist, homophobic, etc…
  • Y6 Puberty Talk – Body changes 
    • Aim: 1. To understand the body changes for boys and girls e.g. periods and hormones
    • Aim 2: To prepare for the changes and possible impacts of the changes. e.g. personal hygiene activities.


The Year 6 talk is given by the Headteacher, with the Classteacher present, to the boys and girls in separate groups to prepare them for the changes that their bodies will go through in the forthcoming years. A letter is sent home beforehand to inform parents about the forthcoming lessons and if parents have any questions regarding the content they can discuss those with Mrs Curtis; all parents have the right to withdraw their child from the talk. 


In the Autumn and Spring terms there is a brief report (Yr-6)/learning journey update (Preschool and Nursery) for each child so parents are aware of their child’s progress, effort and achievement as compared with peers nationally.  In the Summer Term there is a more detailed report exploring progress and achievements over the whole year and in comparison to their peers nationally. Year 1 phonics results, Year 2 and 6 SATS are published with the summer report.


Whilst children are in Year 3 or 4 they have an overnight stay event here at Ash Grange, where they enjoy activities, a special meal and lots of fun; and a little sleep!

Whilst children are in Year 5 or 6 they experience 3 days away to an outdoor centre, which provides curriculum experiences in many areas including Geography, Science and outdoor PE activities, with lots of fun. The children have one overnight stay and one residential opportunity in Key Stage 2. 

The next overnight stay is May 2021 (Year 3 and 4), the next Residential is May 2021 (Year 5 and 6).

School day timings


  • Before school: 7.45 – 8.45 am
  • After school: 3.15/3.20-6.00 pm

Teeny Funzone ( Nursery 1/2):

  • Before School 7:45 - 8:45 am
  • After School: 3.15- 4:30 pm  

School Day:

  • Nursery 1/Nursery 2  9am-12noon/12 noon-3pm 
  • Reception to Year 2: 8.45am -3.15pm
  • Year 3 to 6: 8.45am -3.20pm


  • 10.30-10.45am – All classes
  • (YR have breaktime during their morning activities in the autumn term)
  • 12.15-1.15pm Lunch and playtime

There is no set afternoon play, breaks are taken as classes require.

School Development Plan (SDP) 

Every year we strive to improve the provision of Ash Grange to have the greatest impact we can on the pupils, parents, staff and community.  Each year the school stakeholders review progress and attainment to identify actions to improve the provision for all children, our current targets (2020-2021) are:


These are the ones that we have achieved so far:

1. Mental Health National Award (2019-2022)   

2. Rights, Respecting in Schools Award (Unicef) - Bronze (2019)

3. Anti-Bullying Charter Award - Gold (2018-19)  

4. Surrey Healthy Schools - Gold - (2017-2020)

5. Guildford in Bloom - Gold (2018-19)

6. Green Flag - Silver (2018-2019)   

7. Sports Games Mark - Bronze (2019)

8. LAMDA Performing Arts School - ongoing    

9. Prince William Award - 2018-19, sadly the award has ceased from August 2019


In 2020-21 we would like to continue maintaining our gold awards and the LAMDHA award and work to achieve:

1. Eco Green Flag - Gold

2. Rights, Respecting in Schools Award (Unicef) - Silver

3. SEN Award

4. Young Carer Angel Award

5. Sports Games Mark - Silver



Governors monitor all aspects of the SDP as part of meetings, and on-going monitoring throughout the year.

Snack Bar

Detail of how to order and the daily choices are on the Snack Bar page.

Staff List

Details can be found on the Staff List page including teacher email addresses.

Standard Assessment Tests - SATS

Government assessments to identify children’s progress at the end of each key stage in Year 2 and Year 6, which is compared to all children nationally.

Year 2 the SATs are used as part of the Teacher’s assessment of the child. 

Year 6 this is a formal invigilated process, involving tests in Reading, Writing and Maths with Teacher Assessments in Writing.

All children are prepared in age appropriate ways for these key assessments.

There are SATs talks (dates on the calendar) for parents to find out about the purpose and procedures prior to these tests.

All classes have assessments at the end of the autumn term, mid-year in February and end of the year in July to assess progress and achievements. 

In addition, Year 1 have a national phonics assessment in June. 


The swimming pool will be open for as much of the year as possible. The school provides a qualified swimming instructor. Children in Reception to Year 6 have weekly sessions from Spring half term to Autumn half term.   Nursery children have water confidence lessons from summer half term (end of May).  There is no cost to parents for this wonderful opportunity.

All children need a hat, costume (no bikinis or tankinis), trunks, towel and may choose to bring goggles as well. We also recommend crocs or flip flops for walking between the changing room and pool.


Children are encouraged to use the toilet facilities at breaktimes. 

Preschool children who are not yet toilet trained are expected to come to Preschoolwith nappies for changes as required. 

Nursery children are expected to be toilet trained and need extra clothes in case of accidents.  Until a child is toilet trained and not having daily accidents they cannot attend full time.

Reception Class children are expected to be toilet trained and need extra clothes in case of accidents.  Until a child is toilet trained and not having daily accidents they cannot attend full time.

Trips and visits

Visitors and visits are organised each half term to enrich the curriculum. Each class has a range of trips in the local area and further afield.  Voluntary contributions are asked of all families without which the trips cannot take place.


The school has a strict uniform policy; it is a parents’ responsibility to ensure that their child wears the correct uniform; the school does not have items to borrow. Full details are on the Uniform page.

Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly

A special celebration assembly to say goodbye to the current Year 6. There is seating provided for all parents of Year 6 children to attend.

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