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Parent Handbook

This is the information section so you are aware of expectations and guidelines.  If you feel there is any valuable information missing, please inform the office so improvements can be made in the future. If you want to know more about any aspect of the calendar or school life please come and discuss it with the school staff, Deputy or Headteacher.

Child Protection

Safeguarding children is paramount and is the basis for all policy and practice. The school staff are trained to support children’s development and follow the government guidelines on child protection. All staff, visitors and regular volunteers are subject to child protection checks with the police and local authority.

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSLs) are:

  •  DSL Mrs Marie Curtis (Headteacher)
  • Deputy DSL – Mrs Ali Rumsby 

"If you are concerned about a child’s welfare, please record your concern and any observations or conversation heard, and report to the DSL as soon as possible the same day. Do not conduct your own investigation. If your concerns relate to the actions or behaviour of a member of staff (which could suggest that s/he is unsuitable to work with children) then you should report this to the DSL (Headteacher) in confidence, who will manage the matter according to policy guidelines. If it concerns the Headteacher, report it to the Chair of Governors, who will then manage the matter according to policy guidelines. If anyone suspects a person in the community of potential or actual harm to children, they must inform the Local Education Authority Children’s services.”

Sometimes we may need to share information and work in partnership with other agencies when there are concerns about a child’s welfare. We will ensure that our concerns about our pupils are discussed with his/her parents first unless we have reason to believe that such a move could endanger the child’s welfare. If you are visiting the class, please sign in at the office. You will be given information on guidelines and practice and asked to wear a visitor’s badge. If you are assisting on a trip please complete a next of kin emergency form.

Class reps/ Council

Each class has a parent representative who sits on the Parent Council. Their role is to raise class issues and work with the Council to find solutions, gather ideas and bring about overall school improvement. The Class Rep is the link between the parents of the class and will share news of events and galvanise support for events and trips. Mrs Curtis directly invites parents on to the Council and chairs each half-termly meeting.


First aid equipment is kept throughout the school, (there is a defibrillator on site) and all staff are trained in basic First Aid Procedures. It is crucial that the office team is informed of up to date home and/or work telephone numbers, or alternative methods for contacting you should the occasion arise (confidentiality with respect to ex-directory numbers will always be maintained). If your child becomes sick or unwell we do our best to contact you immediately. In the event of an accident we will contact the emergency services and next of kin. If an injury has required medical treatment, beyond a wash and check, then parents are informed through the Medical Tracker electronic communication system.


If you have a valuable comment to make about the school life or organisation please write it, name it and hand it in to the office; if it is confidential request an envelope for the communication. If you wish to discuss any matters complete a Contact Request form online or book at appointment through the office or in person.


Every child and family is thoroughly inducted into Nursery and School at whatever stage they join. There are a number of ways we support the child and family:

  • Meeting with the Headteacher and the family/Key Staff in Nursery
  • Liaison with Nursery 1 setting/home
  • Liaison with family - start and ongoing
  • Home visits – as required
  • Induction visit


Nursery Classes: Children have a few days of visiting with a parent, then short visits alone before embarking on full sessions alone; this is adjusted to the individual child’s needs.

For New to Reception Class children:

June Evening Meeting - an information event to ensure parents have all the information that is needed for their children starting school in September.

July Induction visits - A morning or afternoon visit to the class for the children and an induction workshop with the Head for new parents. The children are in groups of 6 and visit once over the induction weeks.

Staggered Start in September - Children and families attend a familiarisation visit to the classroom the day before starting. The children are staggered in over a few days, in the order of new to setting children first as they need time to adapt to the new environment.

For in-year transfers from other schools: Families meet with Mrs Curtis to discuss needs and requirements. A school tour is provided by the admin team. Children are inducted by the Classteacher with a programme of support and adjustment

Notices and Newsletters

Parents receive emails which contains important information about school activities and events. Please ensure the office have a contact email address.

There are  noticeboards in the playground and at the office entrance to share any key messages and as a general information service.

Parent/Teacher Progress Review Meetings (Parents Evening)

  1. There is a 2-year-old check meeting with Nursery 1 team members at the appropriate time.
  2. At the start of each school year the new Class Teacher meets with the class parents/cares as a whole, at 2 separate opportunities, to share learning, opportunities and expectations for the year ahead.  Please make the time to come to the events.
  3. First half term of each term – an optional parent meeting is available for you to explore your child’s progress and any needs.  Parents are to approach the class teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time.
  4. Second half of each term – a formal meeting to explore your child’s progress over the term, to discuss next steps and receive the termly progress report; a parent is expected to attend a meeting. Please sign up for a meeting via the online system, you are notified when this opens via email.  To enable productive meetings, the school is closed on the full day of progress meetings with a crèche facility in the hall for parents to drop children and siblings off ahead of the meetings.  There are also later meetings in the early evening, but there are no crèche facilities for these meetings. 


If at any point you have a concern then please raise them with the Class Teacher or Senior Staff member as soon as possible, do not wait until Parents’ Evening to raise the concern, the sooner it is sorted the better.  If you want to book a meeting then please contact the school.

Parent/Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA is a parent and teacher association at Ash Grange and to which all parents are automatic members. They get together as a group to organise fundraising and social events. See the Facebook group and school calendar for dates and the PTA page more details.

School Development Plan (SDP) 

Every year we strive to improve the provision of Ash Grange to have the greatest impact we can on the pupils, parents, staff and community.  Each year the school stakeholders review progress and attainment to identify actions to improve the provision for all children, our current targets (2021-2022) are:


These are the ones that we have achieved so far:

1. Mental Health National Award (2019-2022)   

2. Rights, Respecting in Schools Award (Unicef) - Bronze (2019)

3. Anti-Bullying Charter Award - Gold (2018-19)  

4. Surrey Healthy Schools - Gold - (2017-2020)

5. Guildford in Bloom - Gold (2018-19)

6. Green Flag - Silver (2018-2019)   

7. Sports Games Mark - Bronze (2019)

8. LAMDA Performing Arts School - ongoing    

9. Prince William Award - 2018-19, sadly the award has ceased from August 2019


In 2021-22 we would like to continue maintaining our gold awards and the LAMDHA award and work to achieve:

1. Eco Green Flag - Gold

2. Rights, Respecting in Schools Award (Unicef) - Silver

3. SEN Award

4. Young Carer Angel Award

5. Sports Games Mark - Silver


Governors monitor all aspects of the SDP as part of meetings, and on-going monitoring throughout the year.

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