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We nurture a love for books and reading, as it unlocks the world.

The reading books are banded by the Bookband system,

using a range of authors and companies books. Children

move through the colours and receive a certificate for

each level to identify what they can now do and what

are their next steps.  When they achieve a level the

children are awarded a book, so by the time they leave

the school the children have a 20 book library to keep

and treasure.


An example of a reading certificate, this is given in

assembly and parents are sent the details through Marvellous Me.

 There is a reading jungle containing the banded books that the children choose in the centre of the school. In addition there is an age appropriate collection of non-banded fiction and non-fiction books in each class.  

Each Key Stage has a dedicated non-fiction library which they can explore at any time to expand their interests and knowledge. 


There are daily opportunities to read at school in 1:1, small and

large group situations.  


Each class has a daily class book time.  Younger children select

from their class libraries, Years 2 to 6 have a different class novel

each half term.  See the class learning curriculum for details of

this half term's book.


Parent/carers are expected to listen and discuss reading with

their child at least three times a week , working through certificate targets.





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