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School Day

School Day:

  • Nursery 1/Nursery 2  9am-12noon/12 noon-3pm 
  • Reception to Year 2: 8.45am -3.15pm
  • Year 3 to 6: 8.45am -3.20pm



  • 10.30-10.45am – All classes
    • (YR have breaktime during their morning activities in the autumn term)
  • 12.00-1.00pm Lunch and playtime

There is no set afternoon play, breaks are taken as classes require.


Wraparound Care

Funzone (YR-6)

  • Before school: 7.45 – 8.45 am
  • After school: 3.15/3.20-6.00 pm early collection option available 4.30 pm ( no tea) 

Teeny Funzone (Nursery 1/2):

  • Before School 7:45 - 9.00 am
  • After School: 3.00- 4:15 pm  

Arrival and departure of children

All children remain the responsibility of their parents/ carers until they are handed over to the staff of Ash Grange School during opening hours. Children must be collected promptly at the end of a session/day by a known responsible adult. Parents need to collect children at the correct times, if they fail to do so the child will be put into after school care which may be charged for.


  • Nursery 1 children leave through the office side ( sliding) door and Nursery 2 children leave through their play area; parents wait by their respective classes.
  • Reception, Year 1 and 2 children leave their class at 3.15pm.
  • Key Stage 2 (Year 3 to 6 Children) leave their class at 3.20pm, as this creates a small gap for parents to collect from different locations and to reduce the congestion at exit points.


On departure all children must be handed to their parents/ carers by a member of staff. Children are collected at the class exit doors and will remain with the teacher until the parent collects them. Once they have left the staff presence they are the responsibility of the parents.


If staff consider that an adult collecting a child is unfit to care for that child, they will not release the child to the adult’s care. This will be explained to the collector and an alternative will be sought from the next of kin list. On registration at the School, parents/ carers are expected to provide a list of people who will be responsible for collecting a child. Any unfamiliar collector needs to be introduced to the class teams, if this is not possible then the adult collecting will need to state the safe word that the parents have informed to the class teams of prior to the collection. 


Parents of children in Year 6 may give written permission for their child to walk home on their own.

Key stages

Early Years Foundation Stage: Nursery 1, Nursery 2 and Reception Class

Key Stage 1 = Year 1 and 2;

Key Stage 2 = Year 3 to 6

Birthday treats and edible homework

Our school policy in relation to birthday treats coming into school is that this will no longer be permitted.  The reason for this change is the concern we have had for a while regarding:

  1. Financial pressure to provide on birthdays
  2. Pressure to reciprocate
  3. Variety of food ethics - no sugar, vegan, dairy free, gelatine free, etc...
  4. Risk to children with allergies, e.g. nut

We always celebrate children's birthdays in school with a certificate, rubber prize and the decoration of the child's table at lunchtime; we will leave further celebrations to home.

Edible homework will not be shared in school.

Collective Worship

All maintained schools in England must provide a daily act of collective worship. Each day the children experience a daily act of collective worship (in their own class or together in the hall). This is an opportunity to develop the children’s sense of self, others and spirituality. The basis of this is Christian but it also takes on board knowledge of world faiths, folklore and atheistic views, especially festivals, celebrations and the roles and responsibilities of citizens. It is hoped that no parent will feel it necessary to exercise their right to withdraw their child from these communal times of learning. If this is requested through a written application, children go to an alternative classroom with a different learning activity. Please contact the Headteacher if you wish to make alternative arrangements. Class assemblies are performed on a rota with each class leading assembly termly (YR have one per year). Parents are welcome to attend these assemblies and must be seated by 9.00am, to allow for a prompt start so that all can enjoy the assembly. You are welcome to bring younger siblings who will be able to enjoy and let the performing children be heard.

Head injuries

Thankfully most bangs to the head are harmless and can be dealt with by a supervising adult by applying a cold compress (wet tissue or cloth)/cold pack for the child’s own comfort. Under no circumstances should ice packs be applied to head bumps. All head bumps are recorded on Medical Tracker and Parent/Carers are also informed by telephone.


Head lice (nits)

As with many other social situations where children play closely together, it is likely in school for head lice to transfer from child to child. Remember, head lice actually prefer clean hair, so the possibility of infection is absolutely no reflection on a family’s standard of hygiene. If your child is seen to have head lice the school will expect them to be collected and the infection treated before returning to school. If you require any advice or support please ask the office.


Each child from Year R-6 has a locker for their belongings. Lunchboxes, kits, bags, coats, etc… are stored in them at the owner’s risk.


Staff are not permitted to administer medication to a child except in life-threatening circumstances.

If a child is so unwell that medication is required, then they must be kept at home until fit to return.

In exceptional circumstances parents can arrange for medicines to be taken under supervision by agreement of the Headteacher. Parents must provide written permission and instructions and deliver the medication in dosage containers. The child must be able to take their own medication in the school office under the supervision of a member of staff. If a child has a medical condition that may require emergency medication, parents must provide this medication which will be kept in the class medication bag with the class at all times. Medication is always taken on a trip. 

Parents are responsible for ensuring the medicine is in date at all times.

Mobile Phones

Children are not permitted to have a mobile phone at school.  If it is vital to their safety walking to or from school in Year 6, it must be brought to the office (turned off) at the start of the school day where it is kept until the end of the day (at the owner’s risk). Children bringing phones to school must write their mobile number on the individual phone storage bag provided which will be used for monitoring only.

Phones must be switched off (not silenced or muted) as children enter the school gate. If they are seen using their phone on school grounds it will be confiscated by Mrs Curtis for 24 hours and parents will be informed. Your child will also lose the privilege of bringing a phone to school in future. 


Parents, volunteers/visitors must turn off their phone during their visit to the school.


Year 6 Councillors are elected by peers and staff to carry out a pastoral role with children. Each is assigned to a class and holds regular meetings to discuss class and school issues. They are expected to exemplify the highest standards of behaviour and to support the staff, children and visitors of the school. All children are encouraged to be responsible for one another and the environment; each class has monitors for these tasks. There are responsibilities for Gardeners, Vets, Fix-It team, Vets and Technology support; these positions are applied for, voted on by the whole school and change termly. This is an opportunity for the children to learn more about being a responsible citizen.

Pencil Cases

Usually, Children in Key Stage 2 can bring in a pencil case for use at school. Tippex is not allowed. Writing pens must be blue or black ink, please avoid biros as they have a tendency to leak. School awarded fountain pens are not permitted to go home so they are ready for the next lesson. However, please note that due to the risk assessment in place for Covid-19, no pencil cases are allowed in school from home.


The swimming pool will be open for as much of the year as possible. Swimming is taught by our dedicator teacher of PE, Mr Barnett. Children in Reception to Year 6 have weekly sessions from Spring half term to Autumn half term.   Nursery children have water confidence lessons from summer half term (end of May).  There is no cost to parents for this wonderful opportunity.

All children need a hat, costume (no bikinis or tankinis), trunks, towel and may choose to bring goggles as well. We also recommend crocs or flip flops for walking between the changing room and pool.


The school has a strict uniform policy; it is a parents’ responsibility to ensure that their child wears the correct uniform; the school does not have items to borrow. Full details are on the Uniform page.

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