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School entry health questionnaire including height and weight checks for Reception Year children

Dear Parent/Carer, 


You are invited to complete an online health questionnaire for your child so that the School Nursing team can find out if any health advice or support is needed.

Please see letter attached, this will give you the link so you can give a yes or no consent.

School entry screening in school includes height, weight, vision, and optional hearing checks for Reception Year children. We can also support and give advice on any highlighted concerns - Please give ‘Yes’ or No’ e-consent.


What we need for you to do:

Complete the electronic consent form with either Yes or No (please read this letter for further information)

Even if you do not wish your child to be measured, please complete the e-consent form so we can record your preference.

If you are unable to access online, please let your school know or contact the school nursing team.

Kind regards 

School Nursing Team 

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