An update email has been sent to Parent / Carers following the Government's Lockdown announcement on 4th January. Further information will follow.
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Due to COVID19 we are unable to run our normal uniform and we are only accepting uniform orders through, please follow this link to make an order. Uniform will be processed withing 2 working days (stock dependent) and will be sent home with your child from their classroom.

Sizing Guides 


All children must wear the school uniform as detailed below. All items of clothing must be clearly labelled. If your child wears a skirt it is expected to be at or below the knee.  Trousers must be one colour, without patterns, with no external pockets i.e all pockets must be inverted. 



Nursery wear a purple sweatshirt, white polo shirt, dark grey or black jogging bottoms or skirt. Nursery 1 Class children are not expected to wear uniform, but may do so if you desire. 


Children attending Nursery and Preschool must wear velcro shoes or trainers to enable them to quickly change if required.

They should also have a waterproof coat, sun hat or warm hat for weather protection.


Reception to Year 5

Reception to Year 5 wear a purple sweatshirt, white polo or purple logoed polo shirt, dark grey or black trousers (formal school trousers not casual jean style) or shorts, knee length grey or black skirt and black, grey or white socks or tights. Summer variations: dark grey or black shorts, yellow or purple gingham summer dress. 


Year 6

Year 6 will need a white shirt (short or long sleeved) from September 2020 as they will be wearing an Ash Grange school tie. Polo shirts will not be part of the Year 6 uniform. We want the Year 6 to stand out and show they are the top of the school so each child will be given a tie for free.  Of course if they are wearing a school dress they will not wear a tie with it.

Only children in Year 6 will have this privilege.


Footwear: Black, sensible shoes – no heals, lights or toys attached or within. Slip on shoes need a bar across the foot to hold them on, ballet style are not suitable; black trainers are not acceptable alternatives for shoes.  Sandals can be worn in the summer months, with socks. 


Hair: In the interests of health and safety shoulder length and longer hair is expected to be tied back or up.  Hair bands and clips are to be in the school colours of purple, black, white; this applies to boys and girls alike.  All long hair must be tied up for swimming and PE lessons.


Hair Cuts: Must not be aggressive or offensive.  Tram lines/patterns are not acceptable; if they are cut in the parent will be asked to reduce all the hair to the same level.


Jewellery: In the interests of health and safety children should not wear jewellery to school.  If pierced earrings are worn health and safety rules state they must be studs only without claws that may catch and damage the ear.  All watches, medical bands and earrings must be removed for PE/Swimming lessons and remain the child’s responsibility and the school accepts no liability.   


PE Kit

Black shorts or jogging bottoms and white t-shirt, an hoodie is available for extra warmth. A purple school logo t-shirt is also available to purchase.


PE kit should be kept in a PE bag, brought to school each week on Monday and taken home on Friday.  If your child fails to bring in PE kit they will miss this valuable opportunity and complete a PE theory lesson. A message will be sent home to inform you that a practical lesson was missed.   


Swimming kit

Please ensure your child has a swimming kit in school every day as sometimes the children get an extra swim as treat.

  • one piece plain swim costume (not bikini or tankini) or trunks, preferably in school colours.
  • towel
  • footwear e.g. a pair of crocs or flipflops for access to the pool
  • hat required to swim
  • hair tie for long hair which must be tied up for swimming
  • goggles (optional)
  • waterproof bag


Ash Grange branded uniform items are available to order online  or through the school office.  To purchase an item either visit the school office on Mondays or Fridays 8.30am-3.30pm ; you will be informed when the item is ready for collection.  


Generic uniform items are available from local shops.  


Please clearly label all personal items of clothing, bags and water bottles. 

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